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So I finally bought my domain back, im doing my own quasi game/music/forum site now.  Ive been wanting to set one up of my own for some time now, and I finally have it. Im still working on it, but its currently up an running.  GB really inspired me to start my own site.  Im not trying to compete at all, I will base most of the site time to Art and Music, games are just an added bonus.  Besides I think I picked a kickass domain address


Going Home, and Why

I don't write these much anymore cause it seems rather pointless, but I feel the want to type.

So as most of you know I believe Ive been formulating plan's on moving back to LA. 

1.  For those of you who don't know, things here job wise went to shit and all my plans are pretty much pushed beyond the brink of my patience.  That said meaning getting our own/my own place.  Cant afford it with my Student Loans, and she hasnt been able to get a steady 40 hr 9to5 job since ive been here so we cant afford it together.  Im tired of not having my OWN place, space, etc.  Ive lived in her parents house far to long.

2.  Weather.  Worst weather this state has seen in 100 years, and it prolly will just get worse.  I was stuck in that house for 2 weeks straight due to snow, and any lesser man would  have put a bullet in his own head at times during that time as I like to think my buddy Steve would say.

3.  Nothing to goddamn do.  Really this state is boring as fuck, my dad was right about that.  Doesn't really help that the things you might wanna do take 2 hours to get to
 and on top of that are far and few between.  Seattle as a city is ok for a little bit, but unless you actually want to do something that doesn't involve eating, drinking overpriced dirtwater, or walking along the usually freezing coast, your fucked.

4.  The Job.  Yea I don't give a fuck who reads this, yes the goddamn job.  First they layoff a metric ton of people, don't even give an official statement until after the fact with a coldblooded non sense speech by the "CEO" than laying off more people.  Raise's (A raise I rightfully fucking earned) freezes, no hiring to make up for the lack of bodies to pick up the phone (a.k.a Good Customer Service), loss of all the benefits that made this job stand out.  People backstabbing other people, lots of shit talking, departments dividing and becoming cult like, the top brass being passive and indecisive, and the lies just mount.  I could go on and on about the job itself.  Betrayal is the phrase of the year.

Told my boss I need to be paid at my cap or else I would be going else where.  Im not sitting here for another year to get canned and or never see what we in this office should be making in the first place.

Don't get me wrong I dont regret moving here, its been a life experience, and it was always an experiment that I gave my best shot.  I can go home and say I gave it my all.  Its time to go back for me, I cant go on in this situation.  Id rather be jobless in debt without the overbearing stress than to continue commuting 2 1/2 hours a day each way to a job that doesn't give a fuck about me and is just getting worse attitudes wise and work load wise for minimal pay as far as im concerned for that the work load and level of knowledge necessary is.

Ive met some really good people here, and made friends with an awesome couple who also live on the island (Adam and Amanda).  Unfortunately when I go (We, im not sure), I wont be back here for quite some time to visit.  Its a good area for kids to grow up in alot of ways, and since they have kids I wouldn't suggest they go elsewhere at this point.

Music wise I feel my writing is progressing wonderfully.  I am creating theme's which I base and then write on from there.  Technically I think im peaking, as a person who works for a living and doesn't have the luxury of a teenager to practice all day really nullifies attempting to train myself with anything demanding a higher technical prowess.  I can out play most, I have my own general writing style and sound, thats good enough for me.  Maybe after the fact I might seriously go into an actual class and learn what notes are what on the guitar, new chords and theory, the stuff you cant learn by self teaching.

 Jon had a dream that he wanted to start a record label, which falls into my want to own a music shop with a recording studio, which falls in line with Timmy becoming a recording engineer.  Lines up pretty well in an odd way.  I have for some time thought of opening a shop with higherend insterments, not that 10 dollar 4x4 toneless all in one package bullshit Guitar Center and Sam Ash mostly sell.  Im talking carrying the real deal, and fine tune them so when a customer comes in, its ready to gig/record right on the spot, not the 1cent tin fishwire they put on at GC and SA.  Lot of differences.  On top of that I wanted to setup a small recording studio that we would charge a onetime flat fee for amateur bands who want to press a professional sounding disc master.  $300 to $500 for a disc, 10 tracks etc, that Timmy could master for people not willing ot knowledgeable to do it on their own with todays home studio kits.  So when he mentioned it, I can see how it could eventually work out.  Cant do that here though.

The opportunity here have dried up, and I am mentally and physically fed up with it all.  Once I have the money to drive back and have enough to pay bills for one or two months, I will be going home.



So here I am, a month an a half into this adventure known as life and independence.  On a typical Tuesday in California id be sitting at my desk playing something on my laptop (Prolly MUGEN...) or PSP, waiting for the day to end.  I’d had gotten so good at my job at WB, most calls were completed in 5 minutes or less.  It also had become so exceptionally boring that I had no motivation to do much else but my games.  My Wiki Linux project would have already been canceled and would have been left to update the Win Wiki at WB with submission requests from my managers from time to time, especially with all of the apps being added from the New Line Cinema takeover.  I’d take an hour lunch at 12, sit in the cafeteria and sulk because the day would just drag on, another summer day stuck in corporate Hollywood supporting an exceptionally large clientele of morons.  The intellect level of most (I said Most, not all) Hollywood/Burbank employee's is shockingly lacking.  I’m not just talking lack of technical know how and or prowess, but common sense.  Common sense is lacking in the entertainment industry.  Anyway, on said day, id leave to typical LA traffic, either doing 10 to 80, there is no middle ground unless you want to get run over in the commotion.  I’d get home to find Jon asleep on the futon, or playing Metal Gear Online again, a messy room, and the Fan on full blast.  On a Friday id of most likely stopped at the store to kick back with what would be the greatest group of guys ive known in my life collectively, that includes everyone who was involved in it, you didn’t have to work there to qualify.

Washington.  About this time im running through the next call and or message, sometimes clueless as this program is huge.  People who have worked here over a year still don’t know the entire program.  The clientele who call are usually of a higher intellect, many very very intelligent.  System Admins, Database Admins, Developers call in as frequent as the normal secretary and project managers.  I work until 4:30, and have to walk 10 minutes to the Bellevue Transit station which is a fancy term for Bus Depot.  For 2 hours I travel like a sardine in a cramped, often smelly Bus heading north to Camano Island, which is a little over 30miles from the Canadian border.  I take two buses, the first is a man community transit, and the second is a privately owned and  operated operation of buses that specifically head to the island, conveniently landing 15 minutes from the house im staying in.  My car stays parked there from 5:30am to whenever I make it back to the "Park and Ride".

For those of you who have never been to Washington, the major cities reside mostly Central West.  Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Redmond, Tacoma, etc.  I work in Bellevue, just a hop to Seattle.  Seattle is just across Lake Washington West of here.  Bellevue of its own merit is a vastly growing "Wannabe" metropolis.  Four particular sky scrapers are being built at this very moment.  Large apartment sky scrapers are in plans soon as well.  Give Bellevue 10years, and it will be about the size and complexity of Century City, because that’s what it reminds me of, sort of near the Federal Building near UCLA Medical Center.  Timmy's college stomping grounds.  Big difference though is the lack of people activity on the streets.  I swear it feels like a ghost town when walking to work from the Bus Depot.  A bit of an odd feel of somewhere freshly built and not used across this entire city.  Seattle feels more like a city obviously as it is a true "Big City" but in reality it’s not that big.  Of course I shouldn’t expect a downtown LA in Washington, but it’s still a bit of a shell shock from what ive been accustomed to versus the reality of this place.  What I can say is the city is clean.  Really the entire STATE is clean.  In a weird way, it’s like a maid comes in every night and cleans the joint up to make sure its respectable for the next day.  Very little liter, streets are clean, I mean I can’t emphasize that it all looks like new in allot of ways, clean new.  Some have argued it would be to the amount of rain, the truth is most people here are VERY proud of their state, in a way that can only be compared to Texans, in a less violent sort of way.

Speaking of rain, it doesn’t rain that much.  And when it does rain, it’s pretty light.  It’s almost enjoyable to just walk out during the sprinkle to do just about anything.  The temperature is very mild in comparison to LA, or all of California for that matter.  It’s about 65 here right now, and overcast.  I do have to say, you need to like overcast to be able to enjoy this weather, the sun is not a common occurrence.  Clouds in the sky move here very very rapidly.  I’ve sat and watched clouds in LA the same size here move like nothing here.  It deals allot with the wind stream and of course the fact im further north of the equator.  Pretty much the temps are beyond acceptable.  Light jackets sometimes are needed at night.  Night....yes real night.  As in Dark.  As in, some places are pitch black.  The drive home at night is heavily reminisant of drives down PCH1 near "Boob Rock" or Ventura for those of you whom never went to the Rock.  I’ve already ran over some living animal, can’t tell you what it was though, it jump right in front way too late to be saved.  I also almost was side swiped by a full grown owl.  I was doing 50mph, and said bird decided to play flyng windshield hazard.  That’s one ill remember for a long time.  Missed by inches.

So one month away, and a bunch of shit has happened in the short time.  Eric had his baby girl, and now is a father, days after I left for WA.  Mark is about to soon be visited by the stork himself as well.  Timmy has been working at WB for over a month, and have overcome many challenges on the job.  Im proud of him for it, he just needs to stick it out.  Installing is a difficult mental job for the position and the crap pay you have to work it as.  What he makes is better than most his age...hell my age too, but its still an underpaid position for the amount he has to deal with.  But it is a starting position nonetheless.  The real meat and potatoes of the month comes in the heavy development of my Father buying a house.  Or trying to anyway, his credit is shit, so if he BUYS remains to be seen.  He, though, is already renting said house, to the supprise of everyone.  On top of the financial impact this places on the family, its the now revilation that he is moved in with his woman.  He tells us that he's only been with her a few years, but I know, and pretty much everyone else knows, thats bullshit.  I stopped caring a long long time ago.  I never knew where he lived, just a general area location.  Appearantly ive met this woman before as a kid long long ago.  I cant remmember personally, and I dont think it would be helpful for me to unsuppress those memories either.  Im glad he's looking to better the last half of his life on earth, but somethings cant and will not be forgotten.  Its a bit like digging up a buried body, then performing an audtopsy, accept 13 years after it was done buried.  For such an importaint revelation though, emotionally the impact has been nill.  Timmy obviously wants nothing to do with the new house and his new family as my mom would refer to it, and I dont either.  Im not gonna break contact with him, but im not going to be accepting of his soon to be wife or whatever she is to him, or her kids.  Yea she has kids.  God, if there is one, help them if Im related to those kids and have been left in the dark.  I will definitely not be silent about that if I find that out.  I already have one half sibling who I dont keep in contact that I havent seen in 15years.  What would I do if I found that out do you ask?  I could be indited for premeditation if I flushed out an explaination here.  Ive been passive about alot of the shit thats been dumped on my plate and the lies from both sides of the coin.  Eh, im getting on a rant, it wont be pretty if that fear becomes a realization.

Anyway thats enough for this edition, if enough people show they care, I might write a summary of the drive up here, and some more adventures.  Comments would be the way to show it.  Thanks

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