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Achievement Whore

That's me, why else would I be blogging here? I've already got a blog that nobody reads. Unlike a lot of people who do it purely for the points and their e-peen that nobody actually cares about, I usually aim for achievements as simply something to do and rarely bother to "S-rank" a game and squeeze it for all its got. When I first got my pre-ordered Xbox 360, the only game I had for a while was Perfect Dark Zero, and I didn't have a gold account. But I still have achievements like 1000 Melee Kills,   1000 Headshot Kills and 1000 Explosive Kills. I was just passing the time with the bots, and having something to aim for kept me from getting bored. 
As for this? I actually enjoy writing, and its also something to pass the time when its 3am. Its better than going back to WoW and fishing for the turtle while playing the Peggle add-on right?

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Care about cellphone games? No, but they have their place.

Or "mobile phone" games as they are called over here. If you are just sitting at home playing them then, thats just wrong, even if you dont have any gaming consoles or a gaming PC, free browser flash games are a better platform.

They do have their place though, I have bomberman on my phone, for example. I used to play it in the mornings while sitting around waiting for class to start in college. Its not a gaming platform though, just a time waster when you dont have access to anything else.

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