My Top 5 Sandbox Games

  So Red Dead Redemption is due out this week i thought i would do my top 5 sandbox games and i can't wait for RDR i am really excited i have just been playing gta4 just waiting for this game im so excited waiting for.

My top 5 sandbox games 5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- I love Grand Theft Auto Series and when San Andreas came it just opened this sandbox game to a whole state and added so much stuff you could have fun for months and months thats how big this game was.

4. Saints Row 2
- I never played the first game and dont know if i will ever go back to but the 2nd one awesome beacause it was just crazy like creating your characters and the crazy missions just a crazy game and it was so fun.

3. crackdown
- when i first bought my 360 this was one of the first games i bought and it so fun this game that makes it the most fun is the shooting and jumping its just great fun, and i really liked the look of this game.

2. Infamous
- putting the superhero genre in a sandbox game and its just amazing and its a dark game and i just loved people were living in this cripple town and you are either good or evil.

1. Grand theft Auto IV
- This is my Favourite sandbox game and The best Grand Theft Auto in my mind, just everything they have added makes this just awesome and it may not be big as San Andreas this game feels like a city and the people are real and doing there own thing a game i just love.