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Wow what a day on GiantBomb's website. Between the lag thanks to the backend DB being hit with a freight train and just the sheer number of pages to solve any one of these quests time has just been sucked away. I've gotta say, this has been actually pretty dam fun. Giantbomb guys, great job on this concept. Once you work out the kinks this is going to be a very unique and addictive feature. Few things you might want to do though to make things easier for people. Like removing duplicate entries, a certain composer for a populr FPS series is a perfect example of this. I went to one of his pages very early on and was stumped as to why nothing happened with the quest, little did i know he had multiple dam pages ;).
Also being able to show more of your ongoing quest sets or maybe allowing you to choose the six that are displayed at the top would be nice.
Also don't be so cryptic! :D
Anyway that'll do for my first blog entry. 
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