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You Can't Hold Back Your Love For Writing No Matter How Hard You Try

I have taken a long hiatus from writing about the world of video games. It became too time consuming in a my life where I needed to get by, economically speaking that is. Unless you gain some sort of success it just doesn't pay the bills not matter how fervent your love for writing is. I wrote countless pieces for another website and received much traffic and praise for my reviews and articles, but despite this I never saw a cent. It's a shame that money has to get in the way of doing what you love. I have a wife to support, and I could never stop making money to pursue a dream. I need to find time for her, my job to support her, and my walk with God.

When I came to the conclusion that those were the most important parts of my life I quickly realized that I could pursue my dream. I need to set out priorities of my dream that are in line with the priorities of my life. In my pursuit of a career of writing about video games I need to integrate my wife in everything I do or at least be willing to, and I need to use my writing as a tool that God can use through me. If I actively do these things while I pursue my dream and also when I achieve my dream, God will make sure we are taken care of. I just need to keep my focus.

I have not gotten far in this journey to achieve my dream, but I intend on going all the way and learning a lot over it's course. Sure it will be a challenge, but won't it be fun.

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