Game of the Year 2011: InsidiousWrath's Top 10

Inspired by the Giant Bomb's Game of the Year discussions, I'm putting together my Top 10 list for 2011.

This list is really my top 10 games played in 2011, not released in 2011. This year I made a concerted effort to avoid picking up games near the release date. While this was good for my wallet, waiting for price drops and GOTY editions means I'm almost a year behind in some cases.

List items

  • This game made me rush home to play a little more. And it's the first co-op game my wife and I could really enjoy together. That counts for something.

  • This game delivered everything I wanted in an open world Batman game. Combat was tight, even though I lack the skill to make the most of it. Once I started this game it was impossible to put down until I had explored every inch of the world.

  • I had heard all the dire warnings about this game and I was cool to even trying it. Thankfully I was forced to and I was hooked as soon I was in the Nexus. The demons are well designed and unique, and taking one down feels like a genuine accomplishment. Co-op is really the best way to experience the game, but even solo, the game finds the right balance between rewarding and punishing. One of the best recommendations I received this year.

  • Great wrap-up to the trilogy. But Horde mode is where I want to spend all my time.

  • It provided me with the loot lust I was missing on the 360. I enjoyed it so much I picked it up on PC too.

  • Simple premise but absolutely addictive. One of the few games this year that constantly had me saying "just one more run". Those gold bars continue to beckon.

  • I continually delayed picking up this game but I finally picked it up and I regret not getting it sooner. Such a spectacular, under appreciated game. Everyone should play this game and be sad we'll never see more in this universe.

  • I really enjoyed working my way through the campaign in co-op. The loot system made trench customization loads of fun. Biggest downside was the lack of additional levels. I could only play through them so many times before boredom set in. Looking forward to the planned DLC.

  • Watching Cole go apeshit when I doubted a little old lady's story was hilarious and, at times, incredibly frustrating.

  • The atmosphere in the game struck the exact note I wanted; it made me feel uneasy. Combat was hit and miss for me. The gameplay didn't feel repetitive until I got stuck in a section, and then the repetition was glaringly obvious.

  • Honourable Mention