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I understand the excitement because most people have had a good experience with Steam and everyone loves cheap games. I also understand people have grown tired of the Big 3 console makers because they all do shit that we sometimes shake our heads at.

But it is as if nobody is thinking realistically about this.

Valve =/= PC gaming, even tough alot of loyalists to Steam/Valve want to believe that. Some of the most popular games right now are not even on Steam, League of Legends, Blizzard games, most EA games, Minecraft and many more. This means that this console of theirs likely will not have any of these major titles that are associated with PC gaming of today. The catch is that the good stuff Steam does have, is already on the PC and better. What Counter Strike player do you think is going to want to sit down on his couch and play CS with a pad? Look at the numbers for CS:GO, game fell hard and people went back to the original. You think DOTA players want to fiddle around with it?

Yeah Steam is great, most people reading this likely have 50-100+ games on Steam but how many of them do you actually play much at all? Everyone ive seen says the same thing, "i only play CS/TF2 and sometimes DOTA otherwise i barely play my games". Sure its anecdotal, but it seems people enjoy the idea of Steam (and thus this Steambox) more than the actual idea of playing games on it.

Oh look, a cheap bundle, how can i say no to this!?? And then you proceed to never play any of these games again, at best you will boot them up once to set up the graphics configuration and never bother again.

Go ahead, release this thing when its done and lets see how it does, as long as Valve protects themselves and dont invest too much into it.

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Ive been looking for people who view games the same way i do for a long time, in magazines in the 90s you never really found a writer who talked like you and your buddies did, it was too "professional" and phoney. When the internet broke out, everything was too staged, not enough reality for me.

On YouTube there are too many kids trying to rip off AVGN, and that whole angry gimmick got tiring in 2009.

I enjoy watching the guys just play games and talk, their E3 coverage, bombcasts, QLs and TNTs are highlights for me when it comes to entertainment.

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NBA 2k12 was GOTY last year, but sports games never win these things.

Neither Skyrim nor SR3 deserved it, 3D Land is better than both

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I am baffled by people defending him, he is a likeable enough man but it is clear cut that he is a modern day con artist.

I enjoyed Dungeon Keeper 2 as much as the next guy but the majority of games he has worked on were average at best, great ideas that just did not function.

Maybe he should switch professions, focus on hyping games up, not actually having any hand in making them. I wanna see Peter on stage hyping the next Madden and FIFA up while he akwardly high fives some sports star on stage at E3

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Classic Cameron is my all time favorite, Aliens, Terminator and Terminator 2. But today that would have to be David Fincher, mostly for Seven and The Zodiac, two movies i really love. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network are also very good films, and Fight Club...well you dont talk about Fight Club.

I suspect Christopher Nolan would top most people's list today, just because of the high profile of his Batman movies, especially TDK and TDKR.

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Diablo 3 is a mess, a huge mess

As for consoles, it would have to be GTA4. It is nowhere near as fun as Vice City and San Andreas were/are.

Mind you Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Other M are worse games than GTA4, but i never had major expectations for them.

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It would be a great idea because nobody really cares about yearly re releases of new games in 2012, how many people really want to watch a QL of say the newest Medal of Honor? Or some other game that will be forgotten in a mere week?

If members could vote, they would likely have them Quick Look major releases (obviously) and retro games from the past.

I, and many in this community, rather watch them Quick Look a old classic like Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Shatterhand etc than QL some game of the-week-uninspired-crap.

Quick Looks:

Major releases (Halo's, Call of Duty's, Zelda's, Final Fantasies, Gran Turimo's and other major titles)

Retro games

Silly, dumb, Kinect shit (because they are the funniest usually)

The Friday the 13th video with Ryan and Patrick is one of the best videos they have produced in a long time

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I do, its called Ace Combat

I used to hate flying games, granted i loved shmups but they arent really "flying" games per say, my aunt bought me Ace Combat 4 on the PS2, and i put it in and was blown away just how fun it was. As a action game it just as intense, fun and simple as some of the best action games of that era or even today.

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Guys just buy the WiiU version, sure its 60 bucks and only contains 1 game that is a year old but Reggie says "its a different game" and those PR folk would never lie to us?

This makes the WiiU version seem like a funny gag, a joke. Much like MGS3 3DS compared to the MGS HD collection

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I imagine Mr. Broussard is very busy with the new World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria. He has been known for being addicted to WoW during development of DNF.