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@Frohman: @Frohman said:

 Also, the words feminism to me means that it's someone fighting for equality between the two genders. Saying that someone is both sexist and a feminism doesn't make sense. Just call sexism where sexism is. Labeling false tags on sexist women such as 'feminism' gives rise to words like feminazi, and also makes people believe that feminists are all men-hating, hairy legged, lesbians. I think you should try not to combine the two so that these myths can die off.   
   Ah good we're actually on the same page.  I don't consider a sexist woman a feminist.  However, my comment was not about how it should be but how it is.  There have been plenty of women in the feminist movement over the years that have had incredibly sexist ideas about men, and they are technically feminists.  As such the guy that mentioned radical feminists was not actually incorrect.  However,  by my definition feminism is about achieving equality and independence from all oppressors (women included), so I can't agree with you more that a sexist feminist make no sense.  To me it's a paradox.   
   Also I liked your definition of the feminist waves.  After I posted I considered editing my post to mention it only truly applied in America, but I didn't want to get back out of bed.  My definition was also only focused on the negatives of the second wave, but it was incredibly important in changing society's view of women.  Without it the third wave could not have come about.  My major concern with the second wave was it occasionally would blanket condemn an entire policy or activity, such as in the case of the anti-pornography movement, which I feel it should be left up to the woman to decide if she wants to participate.  Someone can't tell a woman what's acceptable for her just because they're a woman and not a man, that's just replacing one overlord for another.  I just feel like people need to be careful about that.
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@Frohman said: 
I have never heard a lady say she doesn't understand men, sports or video games. I find with these things it's just that we place certain things into what is male and what isn't. Sports and video games are male here.
But the fact that so many people say: "I don't get women?!" is as stupid as "How does magnets work?!" and can often lead to women hate rants. I understand that the user didn't create a hate rant on women, but it has occurred to me that it's really the first step.

There really is nothing unusual or mystical about women, so targeting an entire gender seems absurd.
It's not so much that. "Oh, it's the internet," these things take place in society. People get these ideas in their minds on how women are, how vegetarians are, how ??? is and take it to arms. Have you seen an PETA hate? Why do people hate them when they don't even know the individual? I'm not saying that they get the idea online, but it's a place where it can stem.   
Ok so a few point: 
A)  Women do say negative things like "I don't understand men" all the time.  I work at a Starbuck where I and my manager are the only men and I've heard plenty of negative or sexist comments about men.  You're correct, in my opinion, to say there isn't much difference between the sexes, at least on a genetic level, but society does a damn good job of splitting us into two separate groups as children and how we think and our priorities are definitely sculpted differently from each other.  So it isn't surprising with all the work that men, women, friends, family, preachers, politicians,  teachers, media like film and music, etc. do to enforce behavior that fits with those stereotypes, that men and women would have a hard time understanding each other.  Neither men nor women are to blame.  It's just part of social identity.  We classify ourselves and others into groups and then we compare our group with the others.  As an interesting side note studies have shown if you place someone in any kind of group and give them options on how to distribute fake money between them, each group will statistically choose the option that makes sure the other group gets less even though the other option would have given them more money overall.  It's not logical but its the way we're wired.  Apparently our brains evolved to automatically classify things to help in trying to quickly identify danger (like a hot stove or a rapist), but it also leads us to place people in groups and judge them before we know them.
    Over time I think we could reduce the divide between the sexes if everyone started raising there children exactly the same regardless of sex, but can you really imagine parents handing their daughters G.I. Joes or dressing their boys in dresses?  Plus there's still those genetic differences, so you'd always have to deal with separate group identities.  I just plan to encourage my kids to try all different kinds of activities, at least until they go to school and their friends tell them those things are not cool because only girls or only boys do that sort of thing.   I do like that you mentioned the individual in your post.  Its nice when people evaluate you on your individual characteristics instead of assuming who you are by the groups you belong to.
B) I'm not a PETA hater, but I have to say any group that encourages the sort of fanatical, pseudo violent behavior that PETA does is not healthy.  Its great to promote animal rights, but perhaps it would be better to attach yourself to a more reasonable group.  Maybe one that doesn't throw buckets of blood on people because they wear fur. 
C)  You mentioned feminists in one of your posts I believe.  I think its worth mentioning that there are all kinds of feminists, and some of them do have a severe dislike of men.  This doesn't make them any less feminists, it just makes them radical nut jobs (my opinion :) ).  There are actually three waves as I recall.  Feel free to correct me if any of this is wrong.  1st wave was the group that fought for women's legal rights, second wave basically tried to take men's place in telling other women what to do, and 3rd wave decided women can be whatever they want to be (massive oversimplification).  And even within those waves there were huge debates between the leaders on how things should be done.  So for example a second generation feminist might (I'm stressing might) dislike a woman staying home with her kids instead of having a career, frown upon something like working at hooters (or the establishment even existing), or disagree with a woman that chooses to be the submissive in a BDSM relationship.  A third generation feminist is more likely to say those are the woman's choices and if it makes her happy then who is she to judge.  My philosophy is closer to the third wave.  I generally think no one should tell anyone else what they can do, so long as it does not cause harm to anyone (or perhaps anything) or infringe on anyones rights.  If you look at PETA they operate right on the edge of that mantra at times, so I'm inclined to be wary of them.
Crap, this is twice as long as I wanted.  Oh well I'm too tired to edit.

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I never got around to buying Lead and Gold.  I wonder if there are still enough people playing to make it worth the purchase.

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For me this game is at the absolute bottom of my Final Fantasy game rankings.  I can't seem to decide if Final Fantasy II (the one for the NES, not 4) or this one takes the cake.  I really wanted to like this game, but the battle system bored me, the characters were all mid-level personalities with none capturing my interest, and the story seemed thrown together at certain points.  It wasn't all bad though, and that's why I felt even worse that I couldn't get into it, because I felt like with a little more work it could have been really compelling.  My main qualm was that the battle system came down to this:  1) Check new monsters for new magics 2) If found, spend ages drawing 100 each of the desired spells with each of your main characters 3) equip said magic for stat boosts 4) spam your incredibly long and unskipable summoning abilities to decimate foes.  The enemies all leveled with you so training your guys gave you no advantages and therefore no satisfaction (and indeed if you trained them up to 100 like I did at one point, you make them more difficult in some cases).  Also because you could summon GF's infinitely, there was absolutely no strategy to be found until you got to the 4th disc and fought that boss that was holding Rinoa captive, which meant summoning would hit her as well.  My first time through the game I got stuck there because I had not bothered to upgrade my stats with magic.  I've since restarted and replayed the game to the fourth disc 3 times, but I always lose interest in the third disc and ultimately stop on the fourth.  I have this internal conflict of wanting to have completed all the numbered final fantasy games ( and I have except for this one) and being hopelessly bored to tears while playing FF8.  I've always heard this game has hidden depth, and even the blurb for the games Giant Bomb page implies that it does, but I only see a broken system that could have been brilliant if they had just limited the summoning ability and found some way to make it less tedious to draw magic.  Those concepts sound cool on paper but in practice implementing an MP system would have worked much better.  For those of you who like the game, let me know what you think of the battle system.  Oh, and I almost forgot, my favorites are 4-7 and 9.  6 is my absolute favorite.

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I personally prefer the first one.  I liked the atmosphere better.  Both were great fun though, and you're right, the third one was terrible.  I haven't played the most recent one for the 360 yet.  I hope it is good.

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Yeah, I love this game.  It Blew my mind when I first played it.  Is anyone writing an article for it.  It seems like a daunting task for such an amazing game.  I guess you'd have to start out simple and let others improve it.  Maybe I should sit down and write one myself....