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Most Overrated of 2009.

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  • I dont even know where to start on this game. I loved Call of Duty 4 on pc just because of how over the top 32 player matches on maps made for 16 are, and how much fun it can be to fuck with the game with friends.

    All of this changed with this game. Everything. MW2 on pc is a sad excuse for a pc game.

    DISCLAIMER: I have put almost 40 hours into MW2 on consoles, and while it feels dumbed down its not nearly as neutered as the PC version.

  • I cannot stand the glowing adoration for this game. Combat was so simple, story was awesome to start and went to fucking stupid so quickly. DOES EVERY BATMAN GAME HAVE TO SAY, OMG BATMAN PARENTS DIED. We all fucking know batmans origins. I hope they fix the stupid combat in the (already) announced sequel, but thats feeling rushed out by Square now.

  • I loved all of the Sly games on PS2. I was excited to see what sucker punch did on consoles. Non satisfying combat crippled with annoying ass enemies all the time makes me a sad panda. It also takes forever to get anywhere, and the story was a joke. Animations were straight out of a ps2 game. I AM DISAPOINT SUCKER PUNCH. Prototype was more fun.

  • Jesus this game was shite. It had some good ideas for the MP and has the best class based MP on a console, but THE FUCKING CONTROLS ARE SO BAD I WOULD RATHER BREAK MY FINGERS. The story was trite and just boring. All the pretty graphics in the world cant make up for horrible controls.

  • I love fire emblem. I was excited to hear that they were remaking the first. I was not excited when I heard there were basically no new features added in. It plays like a NES game, and the story is very weak here. Yes this game is worse then Sacred Stones.

  • I dunno if its a common trend these days to make controls horrible, but 5th cell did it. This game had hype like no other and sadly it didnt do anything. The idea is great but execution is so horrible.

  • 3.5 hour story. New MP that doesnt have matchmaking. At least you get 20 dollars worth of DLC. Should have been 40 dollars and not 60. Also note that making your character weaker against enemies is not "innovative" its "annoying".

  • I loved Super Punch Out. Wii controls killed this game. I felt like I died half of the time because of them. Bad nintendo.

  • I love PC Shooters, I love Diablo. This sounds like a game made for me correct? Wrong. The shooting is perfectly fine, but the quick console port of this game is terrible. Crippled by an online system that still doesnt work, and the fact that they patched DRM into the game POST-RELEASE, and this is just plagued by issues.

  • Getting my ass to mars should be fun. No its not. Volition has once again proved that they can make the worst over-worlds in all of sandbox gaming. Coupled with the fact the shooting is so weak and the MP is so random at times. I long for the old red faction. Also GEOMOD 2.0 should let me blow a hole in the ground to china, not just blow up random factory #9.

    Bring back the real GEOMOD.