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Irrational, irresponsible, nonsensical... I want to buy a PSP Go.


I have a problem.

I want to buy a PSP Go. 

I should explain my “problem.”  I don’t have a problem with Sony as a corporation.  I don’t want this short post to devolve into a complaint about fanboys, but I don’t believe in loyalty to enormous companies that just want to make money.  My problem is specifically this:  when the PSP Go was first leaked/announced, my gut reaction was completely negative.  It looked ugly.  They hadn’t changed enough to get me interested.  The price was way, WAY too high.  The whole thing felt like a huge misstep on Sony’s part.

Now I want one.

I’m willing to spend money I really shouldn’t, money I’ll be lamenting later in the year when I read about other people playing Brutal Legend or Forza 3 or whatever game I couldn’t afford to grab.  A brand new PSP 3000 is considerably cheaper.  It also has a UMD drive.  I have fallen hook line and sinker for buying a new shiny thing and playing PS1 games on it.

  Suikoden on the go? ROCK IT.  Ignore the fact I could rock it for 80 bucks less.
  Suikoden on the go? ROCK IT. Ignore the fact I could rock it for 80 bucks less.

The craziest thing is, I used to own a PSP.  I traded it in, because I never played it!  And here I am, back at square one.  I have to assume that I am the worst example of a consumer in an economy as messed up as this one.  I could satisfy my desire to play PSP games and still get a cheaper option, without even having to go second hand.  Yet, I feel the need, the burning desire, to own the new model.

I wondered, when the PSP Go emerged into the spotlight, what Sony thought they were doing exactly.  Well, now I know.  Whether or not I actually get the thing, people like me are the problem.I I