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Space (I believe in)

I am fighting the urge to sign up for EVE Online.

This makes no sense on several levels.  First off, I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that my video game playing is at a dramatically low ebb.  I don’t even have time to write blogs about video games! Secondly, I don’t really play multiplayer games, and the word on the street is that “soloing” World of Warcraft style is less viable a strategy in EVE.  Finally, I’m loathe to resume paying a monthly fee for anything related to video games.  Xbox Live is annoying enough as it is.

So why oh why would I play a game like EVE Online? A game that offers the kind of free form gameplay that WOW can only dream of, at the cost of gameplay tailored to a hardcore audience.  Not a Ninja Gaiden 2/Demon’s Souls/Henry Hatsworth type hardcore, but a “I think I’ll spend my lunchbreak perusing some of my spreadsheet documents” type hardcore.  The fact is, it’s unlikely I’d ever become a major EVE Online player. HOWEVER…

I like spaceships.
I like ambient mildly space-like music.
I am totally okay with setting a ship to mine on its own while listening to mildly space-like music and then working on other stuff.


So, the way I plan to play this game barely resembles “playing” a video game, at all.  I am considering paying money to set a little mining ship on autopilot and get back into work, checking in on the guy every five minutes or so.

Really, I should just buy some ambient mildly space-like music.  Alternatively, I could download EVE Online music for free

 Space!!...... um, ok.  Bring back space music.
 Space!!...... um, ok.  Bring back space music.

I have to handle this with some kind of an attempt at control.  I have to count to ten, several times if necessary, and then sleep on it.  And then think about it again.  The age of digital distribution, though a massive step forward in video game retail, is crippling for someone like me.  Don’t get me started on how much I love Steam, or for that matter, how much I completely hate Steam.  Well, my wallet hates Steam.

Still EVE Online sits there, looking cool, and incredibly geeky.  It’s calling to me.

“You can play on your own time!”
“Now you’ll have two games to play on your Mac!”
“Space!!! Music!!! Space music!!!”

I’m counting to ten.  I am counting to ten…