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Is this thing on? Hello? ANYONE STILL HERE?! Oh hey, hello lonely person in the back there. Have you been waiting for more rallying all this time? Well, have we got something in store for you...

2017 has just started and oh boy, we got a treat waiting for you. YES, YOU!

The Giant Bomb Dirt Rally League presents: A New Year's Nightmare

2016 was a pretty rough year, so what better way to escape from it and celebrate the arrival of 2017 with some sick rallying?!

Our narrative starts in the dark and treacherous woods of Sweden where man, machine and natures is trying to kill us...but who knows? Maybe we will be able to drive into the light at the end of this journey...

1/1 - 1/8 - A New Year's Nightmare

Celebrate the start of 2017 with disappointment towards your rusty Dirt Rally skills!

  • CARS: Group B RWD because we need to ease into this...
  • STAGES: 6
  • REGIONS: Sweden/Finlan
  • SERVICE: S4/S6
  • CONDITIONS: Lots of snow.
  • CHANCES OF SURVIVAL: Computer calculations say its about 49.83%
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I enjoyed every Rockstar multiplayer a whole lot because they bring the distinct Rockstar feel of movement and everything to MP instead of feeling like everything else on the market.

Edit: I still like to play GTA Online and I do pretty much everything in it. Missions, Heists, Races, just fucking around, trying the new updates, etc. etc.

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@zevvion: Which is why the breakup songs that motivate you to get through, because love will come again, are the best. You get to be sad, but you also remind yourself that time will get you through it.

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All of 13 by Blur.

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@cbyrne said:


#Hype #LamborghiniPizzaClub

Are you even a real person?

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@bigsocrates: For 360 Back Compat. games on the X1 you can't download items from the ingame marketplaces. Go to My Games & Apps on the X1, highlight the game, open the options dialoge (I don't remember if it is Start or Select or excuse me "Menu" or "View"), then Manage Content. Your owned DLC should appear under items that are ready to install.

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People you tranq'd or have taken down will die if they fall off a thing, hit their head or some other nonsense. If you're going for a no-kill playthrough make sure it shows the "zzz" symbol when you take their stuff instead of the skull icon.

I got pupped on an achievement (that's catchy). I beat the game without killing anyone and at the my stats said I killed two people out of 500 or so. It was such a bummer.

@boozak said:

@godzilla_sushi: Damn, played HR not too long ago leading up to this and had the same problem. Apparently tranq darts can kill? In the last game at least, dont know about this one.

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@humanity: Oh, uhh, if you think that is rough/early...graphic settings got introduced last week.

Edit: Speaking about graphic settings: The game doesn't look super great but currently requires an above-average PC to hit 60FPS consistently. So much for their "consoles are too weak!" talk. I guess they can't optimise for shit.

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So I was going to get Hardline with Premium as I enjoyed what I played of it on PS4, but having a better PC these days I wanted to get it on PC. However I've heard there's hardly anyone who plays this on PC these days, is that the case? Now I heard that about American servers so I don't know how European servers are doing (from the UK) so I'd like to know as I don't want to get it if servers a zero.

The PC count gets outnumbered by PS3 players. Enough said?

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The alpha has actually been going for a little more than a month now and it is...underwhelming, like you said. Although they made A LOT of progress in those weeks and actually incorporated player feedback from one week to the next rather quickly. Right now it is kind of a bummer, yes, I don't like it. But the way they've been dealing with feedback and are actually improving things, I could see this turning out well by the end of it. The foundation is solid.