Best of 2011

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  • Bastion, to me, is brilliant. Or the closest thing to perfection that something in an ever changing medium can reach. Every character touched me, every story beat hit me, and every time I heard the rusty voice of the narrator I knew just how deep the games hold was on me. Couple that with great gameplay, wonderful visuals, and my favourite soundtrack in years (and first CD I've bought in half a decade) and you not only have my favourite game of the year. But you also have the level of "game" and innovation that I want our industry to strive for.

  • I have been playing Mortal Kombat games since the last time there was a game released called "Mortal Kombat". This is my favourite since Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. The combination of the crazy story lines and extra features made this a great game. The unique changes and addictive impact systems make this game an incredible fighting game.

  • I know I'm crazy, but so is Alice. I don't know if anyone else agrees but this game just felt different from everything else for better or worse, it didn't really feel like the original Alice. There is something with the story that got me. The way you follow Alice through the looking glass and into this world that just gets darker and with it shows darker revelations of Alices past got me. The gameplay has some repetition problems but it is beautiful to look at and the alternate gameplay sections are incredible. It stayed with me.

  • It is interesting that my top four all came out before September. I think that this is the last time that a Portal game can be made that is this good. But Valve only disappointed with the ending song, but that couldn't be helped. For me the "2" comes from having one great character in Portal and then two in Portal 2. Wheatley and GLaDOS had more character in the two of them then everyone in Skyrim. Well, excluding Cicero I guess.

  • Second most flawed game. This is also the game that I put the most time into, for obvious reasons. For me, a modless version of this game would never reach this top ten. None of the plot lines are very good, combat is still boring. The best way to play this game is to truly role play, not as the all powerful Dragonborn but as just another character making their way in the world.

  • Playing this game through the first time was great. Crazy fun and my blue man group wrestler was sick but I have never felt the need to go back and the DLC is weak.

  • I've heard issues with this game and agree with most of them, that didn't stop the great fun I had. Slipping back into the stories of these characters was awesome. Some characters were given less than they should have been but the subtlety of the characters with the extravagance of the plot worked for me.

  • Not as enjoyable as Arkham Asylum for me. I believe the open-world to be a negative. I was impressed that there was actually a story within the cluster fuck that the story was throughout the game. Great ending, don't believe it'll stick but COMIC BOOKS! Second best credit sequence on this list.

  • This game is without a doubt the most flawed game on this list. So much does not work, but there is a rawness to this game that is just so reminiscent of the original Deus Ex. The story is not impressive and the ending is a bit flaccid, but there is just something that kept me going. It is telling though that I got bored with the DLC.

  • I snuck this in at the bottom because neither of these games were originally released this year. However this is a great package of two incredible games. My preference always goes to Shadow but two awesome games.