E3 2012

List items

  • This easily won for me. It helps that there is so little known and so much subject to change. It takes place between III and IV and even the characters are not set in stone. They have confirmed that the two characters in the demo are not the actual main characters. Removing the Jedi is the best move a Star Wars game could make and if you boil a game down to comparisons and get "Uncharted Star Wars/Best Looking Game Ever" I'm pretty sure you're doing something right.

  • This is the game I wanted Tomb Raider to be. The survival aspect and concentration is something that games aren't willing to risk in this day and age. You have to be careful at all times. Also games that have characters with emotional connections like this are always incredible rides. Naughty Dog has proven this in some of the more intense sections of Uncharted.

  • I will admit that the surprise of this game does it a great service and I can only hope that it lives up to its potential. The multiplayer implications and hacking possibilities make this game feel incredibly open yet (hopefully) unscripted.

  • Everyone has said it but it just looks like South Park. I love the idea of becoming the fifth boy among these characters that I've loved for over a decade now. Who knows how this game turns out with Obsidian's track record but the writing and the style is there. I'm just going to have to trust that Obsidian will bring some great gameplay to the table.

  • The natural place to take Assassin's Creed to. I liked the look of the Naval combat though I think it should be a little harder. I love the new revamping of old systems like climbing, travelling, and hiding in plain sight. The improvements and changes to the combat are exciting too and I can't wait to see where the story goes.

  • Combining my two favourite racing games of this generation is a very good decision. Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed: Most Wanted were great in very different ways. However I worry about the lack of story which I enjoyed in Most Wanted. The story was terrible in following games and I can't imagine Criterion would delve into a story mode. But I play for the driving, duh.

  • I love Devil May Cry, I love Devil May Cry 3, I hate Devil May Cry 2, I'm okay with Devil May Cry 4. Rebooting was a good idea, big changes was a good idea. With a game like this though the gameplay has to be as tight as a fighting game as well as have a compelling story and characters. Also, taking a loveable ass like Dante and making him younger and thus naiver could prove problematic in keeping Dante as loved as he is.

  • There is a variable nature to the gameplay of Dishonored that reminds me of my favourite part of RPGs. It is as though the Dark Brotherhood quest line has become a full game with better combat, better story, cool aesthetic, and more options. So really not that much like Dark Brotherhood at all, but I still get the feeling. The style and story really interest me too so I can only hope everything comes together for its release in early October. Also, name me another game when you can fully possess a fish.

  • I am excited for this game purely because of the absolutely crazy story beats. I'm still unsure about the combat and different paths you can take. It feels as though they have one best path and then five harder ones over even just having three equal and different paths (Deus Ex). However, this game HAS to live up to its story hype. I feel as though a disappointing ending or twist could break the game for people, myself included.

  • This game scratches on the bottom of this list because not a lot was shown and I have a grain of salt after Heavy Rain. Also, that's a really bad title. The graphics are incredible but Ellen Page didn't impress me. I don't mean during the non-talk scene, I mean during the following trailer where she talked more. The line delivery on "I'll kill everyone." was terrible. At least all the American characters didn't sound European though.