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Gift giving.

It is the time for birthdays and such other gift giving holidays for me and i just love giving gifts. Im not the typical guy who just blows off the people and says where my gift or what do i get. I take the time to get a gift that the person will love. For instance, i got one of my best friends cousins Pokemon heart gold, a game he has wanted since it came out. I am going to give it to him today and i will have a bigger smile than him, because knowing he is happy is the biggest gift of all, not to be cheesey er anything. I enjoy giving gifts and getting gifts the same but it fills me with joy to see how they react. I hope your holiday and birthday season is as amazing as mine.


Story update #2

Although it has been a while since my last update i still desperately need feedback. like I really desperately need it. So i am going to give you part of my paragraph im writing, and you guys and gals tell me how you would write it and in what direction you would want it to go in, than i will personally message all of you with comments and my own thought process on it. 

The tent came crashing down on top of me covering my entire body. I started freaking out and grabbing for my weapons. The bed collapsed under the weight of our bodies. “Who the hell are you?!” I screamed through the tarp. A muffled noise came from the other side as I rolled out. I looked down at a zora, gagged and tied up. “Holy crap.” I leaned over and untied him, helping him up. “Hey man, are you ok?” He let out a scream and came at me swinging his fins fast, high punch, low swipe. He was blinded by rage that when James came in and chomped his leg he didn’t even realize it until he slumped to the ground from exhaustion. “My name... is Rob… and you won’t stop…” He fell over, passing out on the ground. “What the hell is his problem?” I kicked him over on his back and started tending to his wounds. “He looks like he has been through hell.” James sat next to me and nosed over him. “Close enough, kid, he has seen much better days.” James sat and started listing off everything that happened to Rob. “First he was taken from his home, than he was brought here almost as bait. We don’t know this zora do we?” He turned to Jill with his head tilted as she rushed in. “Is Rob here?” Her eyes trailed down to the ground and she dropped to the ground. “What the fuck did you do?” She screams as she pushes James and I out of the way curling up next to Rob. “You two get the fuck out of here right fucking now!” James and I got up and slowly and backed out of the tent. I turned to him, “Is she involved with him? I mean, I don’t really care but still it’s something we should know.” He sat next to the tent and looked up. “I don’t know, kid, but she should have filled us in. She will in time though.” The sun started falling over the horizon as sounds of talking increased from inside the tent. Jill came out and motioned for us to come in.  

That is where it stops and there is a biiiig blank after it for something to happen. i need your help with what. Also here is the beginning and here is update number 1   

Story update #1

  So now i figure i will use these blogs to up date anyone on my story which actually started at class. As of now I have names for characters and i am trying to avoid any major cliches in my story. Yes it is a rescue the princess type story but its going to branch through several popular games. (kind of like kingdom hearts did with Disney but better) Main character, main villains, and main princess are all established so far. Now is where i come to you. I need video game heroes and villains you would love to see in a story type adventure and secondary human characters as well. My biggest concern is the actual adventure itself i have something in mind but i would love some feedback. I appreciate and suggestions and i hope to post more updates in the future.      



My last blog Class got a few comments but one in general was from the user Gamer_152 who said it sounds like the internal monoluge of a character in a movie that blends reality and the video game world. I thought that was an amazing idea and now i am writing a creative story about that same idea. So far im just getting to the good parts, and i could use some help with ideas. like what villains i should have in it from video games and what exactly i could source from. Any helpful advice thoughts or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.



Even as I sit here in class I realize that I would rather be somewhere else. I would rather be hunting, maybe farming, possibly building a city, basically be anywhere but here. The boring class room the faceless people always make me feel unwanted and some unsafe. A few uppercuts or left block run strait hit the b button, and they would be gone but this is the real world, nothing is as simple as it Is in video games. I wish I had a comm. link in my ear or maybe a little Navi floating around me and tell me what to do, but alas, I just have my own thoughts that are as organized as my desktop background. Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2,  or Halo: Reach even, that is my life. Sitting in a class, no matter how important it is, is not. Oh well, only few more months than I’m out of my rents house, and a few years till I’m out of college. Lets hope that more job opportunities come up and that I bank out as a waiter. Wish me luck.



Thank you everyone who suggested me games and friend requested me on steam. There comes a time i8n everyones life where they look back on all on their accounts and money and such, i did the same the other day. I have a bit of money saved up lets just say and in the next coming months i plan to save more. Thats right i plan on moving out of my parents house and getting my own apartment. Someone who is very very close to me helped me plan out all of the money and moving options and has even suggested me some places to stay. I thank her alot for helping me :). Now is where i come to you all, the giant bomb community, for questions. What was it like the first time you moved someplace, and what types of things did you deem important to take with you as a gamer and as a person moving out the first time?


Steam and Games

So i have had a steam account for a while now but i am just now getting games for it. So far the list of games i have is: Half Life, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 deathmatch, Civilization 3, Max Payne, VVVVVVV, Thief Deadly Shadows, Real Myst, Garrys Mod, and Chime. All of these games are great and i will play them all at least once almost everyday. The only problem is i need a better computer. The reason why i am blogging about this is because i want people to know my steam name and to suggest any other games. My name on steam is bikeman48837 so if anyone wants to friend me go for it. And any game suggestions are welcome. 



Currently i am sitting in my college, and that means two things. 1. My gaming life is going to hell. 2. Did i mention i wont be gaming that much? Also my college has a limiter on downloads. So for the next few months i will still be on here and still trying to keep up with my gaming life but it will be hard. I am also reminded of the fact that because of gaming i have almost no social life. Other than the occasional friend that will be here, everyone is a stranger and it makes me feel extremely out of place. I know that this is common for anyone who is a shut in but i try to be social and its not working. That is why I am on here, blogging as i do and asking questions. So i have a question. Any suggestions on games that are small to download but still really fun to play? 


Civilization. Revolution or the fifth?

I personally am so pumped up for the release of Civilization V. I have always been a fan of sid meier and the looks that i have seen of it are freaking amazing. But i also have been playing Civilization Revolution. The look of Civ V and the community aspect is what is catching my ears and gaming eyes, but Civ Rev is simple and it is very easy to play, overall i  think that Civ V and Civ Rev will be very close matched in terms of playing times. The in depthness of Civ V will keep my interest and keep me playing till the wee hours of the night, but Civ Rev will be a much more relaxed kick back one lazy sunday and play, rather than a 5 hour grind fest againd 3 other people in Civ V. Overall i think both game are incredible and i know i will be one of the first in line to pick up my copy of Civ V. Thoughts or comments on what you think are greatly appreciated. 

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