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Compy of my own.

So right now i am using my friends computer to blog. not to bad considering it is a great desktop computer and i am so used to typing on a laptop. I also want to take this time to appologize to people about my last blog about black ops. Its not that i dont like it, it is just that im not a fan and i shouldnt have taken it out on you guys especially on the Black Ops page. But anyway, i just want to say that i, hopefully in the near future, will get a new desktop computer and will be gaming on it in no time. just need enough money for a graphics card and a processor and every other part. Wish me luck doggers.


Black ops is coming out soon.

With the upcoming release of COD's latest attempt, Black ops, every girlfriend of a COD fan is preparing their 2 to 3 month hiatus of sex, a relationship with their boyfriend, and a sentence containing more than one word, by getting as much out of them as possible now. Although Black Ops is set during parts of the cold war, which includes vietnam, it is set up to a type of filler game. I honestly dont like the COD games as much as everyone else, and my gaming life has gone perfectly fine without them in it. When COD: Black Ops comes out, ladies, I cordially invite you over to my house for long conversations, deep thought, and enough chick flicks to go around.



Today I am visiting one of my best friends at her college. It is more like a resort than a college. It has everything you could possibly want. A giganormous food court, movie rentals, massage place, and did i mention the food court? Well the only thing about it is, its filled with jocks. No nerds or any of our kind in site. I was looking everywhere for a video game system, of listen in on a conversation that has something to do with nintendo or microsoft. But to no avail. I like the college that i am at right now, filled with nerds and a bunch of my friends. Gaming is a big part of my life and i intend to bring it with me till the day i die.


Gaming at its finest...?

This is the longest i have b een so far with out my 360... It red ringed and now i have to wait to pay for the repairs and it is taking its toll on me. I walked into the video game store the other day and i was looking at all of the 360 games i couldn't play, for now of course but still its like teasing someone with food the way they were just sitting there but i couldn't get them. So i browsed the PS2 section and i found a couple games. SSX 3 and SSX on tour were the games i picked. This is certainly gaming at its finest... right?


SCOTT PILIGRIM IS AMAZING... but in other news...

So guess what people of giant bomb. I just saw scott pilgrim today and it is the BEST FREAKING MOVIE EVER its only enemy, other than ramona's 7 evil ex's, is Star Trek, the new one. The movie itself starts out like a nerds wet dream. 8-bit universal sign along with the classical 8-bit music, also the universal studios jingle. It only gets better from there, the video game references are abundant and there are so many comic book related references that it felt like i was watching a motion comic that was filled with epic awesomeness. But, friends, enemies, and people who don't know me but are following me, I do have sad news... My Xbox 360 die, and it is going to be quite some time before i can get it fixed. Please send your condolences and money to me immediately. I need all the help i can get in solving my dilemma. This also means no more blogs about Fallout 3 grindfests. For now i have Civ III and HL2 deathmatch to keep me company. 


Staying up late... yet again..

Is it jsut me or is that un-cureable craving for playing your favorite fames always there. I just got done with yet another 5 hour grindfesst of Fallout 3 and i am still craving more. I am currently staying the night at my friends house, that dosent have an Xbox 360 and i can't sleep. Like i literally am having trouble sleeping because of a game. there are other things on my mind yes and other issues and thoughts of loved ones, but even after i check with everyone and see that they are ok, there is still that back of the mind craving that can only be filled with gaming. For now i will pass out while playing Half-life 2 deathmatch or maybe Civ III, who knows.


Gaming now.

Have you ever noticed that gaming nowadays has become... lazy? Let me paint you a picture of what gaming used to be. You and a couple of your friends are gathered around your N64, staring intently at the over bright, way to small T.V. A new game just came out that your mom got for you. Its name, is Mario Party. You have seen all of the commercials and even red up on it in a few magazines, but now you hold it in your hands and are ready to play it. After seeing the loading screen and watching the intro video you are pumped up. For the rest of the night you and your friends have a blast and almost cant stop playing. That is what gaming used to be. Now it has turned into a solo campaign driven, the only friends i have are online borefest. I'm not  saying that i don't like the games nowadays, because a lot of them i love and almost all of them are single player, Fallout 3 or Bioshock 2 for instance. But there is no more childlike excitement for games anymore. Sure there is excitement but it isn't what it used to be. The feeling of sitting down with a new game and your friends and playing for hours has been beaten by the thought of sitting down and playng with online "friends" who beat you every time that you play thus taking the fun out of it. Where has gaming gone, and will it please come back soon? I miss you.


Fallout 3. Either you love it or... you love it.

Ever  have one of those days where you have to complete everything? I just did, in the form of a fallout 3 grind fest. I finished Agathas song, and scientific pursuits. Needless to say it is a great game that i love to play. The post apocalyptic world that you play in is so realistic that it can almost compare to what might happen to our world in 2012 (if you believe in such things) And wiether you are playing through it for the first time or the fifth like i am you tend to find new and exciting things to do. Its the  type of game where you play it differently each way and it is amazing. So like i said, either you love it, or you love it.


Hard work.

So guess what people of giantbomb. I just spent the entire day helping a friend clean out her backyard and all of the other shrubbery around it. The total work was about 8 hours. So 3 trees 5 rose bushes and countless pulled muscles later, i am sitting in my bed playing video games and writing in my blog. compare thisto anything else i have had to do and i would say that it wasn't so bad. I got to spend time with a great friend of mine and, even though we had to do work, it was still worth it. In the end i got 40 bucks and enough scars on my arms and legs to last me weeks. Now i know why i became a gamer.


What can i say... I'm me.

The other day i was walking through my local video game store. Looking at the various games and movies that i could rent, and i was thinking back to my childhood when i came here to rent games. I'm talking PS1 and Sega Genisis games, along with N64 games. Those were the days. Sitting at home with my friends for hours playing mario party on the N64 or waiting days at a time just to play the new sonic game. I still look back on those days thinking where they have gone, and as i look around the video game store, just like i did when i was a child, i realized they haven't left, we just need to find them again.

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