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Civilization. Revolution or the fifth?

I personally am so pumped up for the release of Civilization V. I have always been a fan of sid meier and the looks that i have seen of it are freaking amazing. But i also have been playing Civilization Revolution. The look of Civ V and the community aspect is what is catching my ears and gaming eyes, but Civ Rev is simple and it is very easy to play, overall i  think that Civ V and Civ Rev will be very close matched in terms of playing times. The in depthness of Civ V will keep my interest and keep me playing till the wee hours of the night, but Civ Rev will be a much more relaxed kick back one lazy sunday and play, rather than a 5 hour grind fest againd 3 other people in Civ V. Overall i think both game are incredible and i know i will be one of the first in line to pick up my copy of Civ V. Thoughts or comments on what you think are greatly appreciated.