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Even as I sit here in class I realize that I would rather be somewhere else. I would rather be hunting, maybe farming, possibly building a city, basically be anywhere but here. The boring class room the faceless people always make me feel unwanted and some unsafe. A few uppercuts or left block run strait hit the b button, and they would be gone but this is the real world, nothing is as simple as it Is in video games. I wish I had a comm. link in my ear or maybe a little Navi floating around me and tell me what to do, but alas, I just have my own thoughts that are as organized as my desktop background. Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2,  or Halo: Reach even, that is my life. Sitting in a class, no matter how important it is, is not. Oh well, only few more months than I’m out of my rents house, and a few years till I’m out of college. Lets hope that more job opportunities come up and that I bank out as a waiter. Wish me luck.