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Story update #2

Although it has been a while since my last update i still desperately need feedback. like I really desperately need it. So i am going to give you part of my paragraph im writing, and you guys and gals tell me how you would write it and in what direction you would want it to go in, than i will personally message all of you with comments and my own thought process on it. 

The tent came crashing down on top of me covering my entire body. I started freaking out and grabbing for my weapons. The bed collapsed under the weight of our bodies. “Who the hell are you?!” I screamed through the tarp. A muffled noise came from the other side as I rolled out. I looked down at a zora, gagged and tied up. “Holy crap.” I leaned over and untied him, helping him up. “Hey man, are you ok?” He let out a scream and came at me swinging his fins fast, high punch, low swipe. He was blinded by rage that when James came in and chomped his leg he didn’t even realize it until he slumped to the ground from exhaustion. “My name... is Rob… and you won’t stop…” He fell over, passing out on the ground. “What the hell is his problem?” I kicked him over on his back and started tending to his wounds. “He looks like he has been through hell.” James sat next to me and nosed over him. “Close enough, kid, he has seen much better days.” James sat and started listing off everything that happened to Rob. “First he was taken from his home, than he was brought here almost as bait. We don’t know this zora do we?” He turned to Jill with his head tilted as she rushed in. “Is Rob here?” Her eyes trailed down to the ground and she dropped to the ground. “What the fuck did you do?” She screams as she pushes James and I out of the way curling up next to Rob. “You two get the fuck out of here right fucking now!” James and I got up and slowly and backed out of the tent. I turned to him, “Is she involved with him? I mean, I don’t really care but still it’s something we should know.” He sat next to the tent and looked up. “I don’t know, kid, but she should have filled us in. She will in time though.” The sun started falling over the horizon as sounds of talking increased from inside the tent. Jill came out and motioned for us to come in.  

That is where it stops and there is a biiiig blank after it for something to happen. i need your help with what. Also here is the beginning and here is update number 1