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Game of the Year 2018

Did I play anything from 2018? Hmm...

(Persona dancing games = trash)

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  • Oh god, Kiryu died... What a great sendoff to a great hero.

    Seriously though, this game looks real good and I love the connection it makes to Yakuza 0. You can really feel how old Kiryu really is. Old man...

  • This game came out a really bad time with Dragon Ball and all.

    This game is much better in English now that I can understand the tutorial and boy there sure was a lot of mechanics that i didn't know about the game.

    Still the same good UNI fun but with more characters and a few more mechanics! Play it!

  • I'm not going to say much here since it's a lot like 6 in terms of mechanics but damn I love the characters in this one. That Majima side story kinda blows but it did a nice job filling in some of the plot holes.

  • Yup, it's Pokemon Yellow. At first I hated the idea that you can only catch the pokemon "pokemon go" style but I turned around on that when I remembered I HATE fighting random encounters.

    This Beta ass game looks alright for the most part in terms of graphics, love the music and it hit the right amount of nostalgia for me.

  • It's real pretty and short. Also it's pretty.

  • I personally don't like tag games at all but if I had to play it would be a 2v2 fighter like this game. It's fun for the most part but it got real old for me quick. Graphics wise it looks alright but the original music tracks they made for this game is quite awful.

    As for gameplay, I think they did a pretty good job in making a universal fighting system. It's easy to learn but hard to master with the switching mechanic and all.

    It's ok.

  • I'm surprised how fun this game is considering I'm terrible at these older Castlevania type of games. I really like the soundtrack to this game as well.

    Now if only Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is real.

  • Damn this game is pretty on Xbox One and especially on PC. Too bad it fell flat for me later on in the game and the way this game is structured but it's still a must play.

    Thank God it's not trash on PC like the other Forza games.

  • The feel of the game is good, great music selection and it's really really fun! Single player is surprisingly good compared to Smash 4.

  • This game is bottom of the barrel in terms of fun and that's why its 10 on my list.