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Game of the Year 2019

I didn't play a lot of games this year. Oh well...

I managed to cram in 10 2019 games this year, so I will make a top 10 list. Next year I will cut it down to 5 because I don't want to cram in crap games. Totally not talking about Gears 5 at all!

Man this year sucked...

Yes I am making this list on a phone again, sorry! No proof reading as always.

List items

  • Iga's game is finally out and I think it's fantastic! Gameplay is solid and the music is exceptional. This was exactly what I wanted after not playing Igavania games for quite some time.

    I should mention I played this on PC, so the bugs were almost non-existent. Only thing I would complain about this game is that some of the abilities like "Welcome Company" was really busted and carried me through most of the game on my first run.

    The game could use an actual story though...

  • There's not much to say here if you've read my past GOTYs because I still think it's pretty much still the same game but with added mechanics. The graphics looks a lot better and the music is still good even though the tone of it has changed.

    The story is pretty well written but I'm kind of hoping it's not going to go off the rails for the next one. (It probably will)

    One problem I have with this game is that from this game and onward, you HAVE to know/played the "Trails of Zero/Azure" games. If you don't know anything about those 2 games you will be lost in the story at some points.

  • Oh man, nostalgia is one hell of a thing.

    This game looks soooooo good, the atmosphere is right and the gameplay is tight. The puzzles weren't too intrusive and the way they reworked some of the mechanics like knives wasn't as bad as I thought they would be. The campaign was overall good and did a great job explaining some of the things that was going on compared to the original.

  • Damn it's been a good while since Remedy made a good game. Quantum Break wasn't my jam.

    This game looks good on a decent PC rig. Everything maxed out and the ray tracing is very pretty.

    I think the gameplay is solid and the way they told the story is excellent.

    The enemy variety does get old pretty quick and some of the checkpoint in this game is too far away from the destination.

    Overall I really liked this game and even went back to do the rest of the side stuff.

    If only this wasn't on the Epic store...

  • ME: I think I'm tired of Yakuza games, man.

    FRIEND: No you're not, take it.

    *Proceeds to play it non-stop until finish*

    Yeah, this is just yakuza but with a pretty funny not-lawyer detective. The combat is great, music is still good and the new set of characters is alright. I actually like the story for the most part because it's somewhat serious but yet still has that "Yakuza goof" sprinkled in.

    My only gripe with this game is that a good chunk of the side quest is a bit boring. I ignored a lot of them after hitting the halfway mark.

    Overall it's a good game with a lot of yakuza in it.

  • Tetris Battle Royale.

    Still need to reach #1 spot though... Getting tired of coming in 2nd place.

  • Man... This game is so damn easy and short that I'm kind of insulted. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it for the most part but it could have been so much more.

    On the positive side, I love the soccer motif and it makes the gym battles more hype with the crowd chanting especially on the last pokemon.

    The music is great, probably the best thing about it in my opinion.

    The addition of the "open world" area is kind of cool and I have been enjoying the raid battles with friends for the past few weeks now.

    Damn it's too easy.

  • I like this game a lot more than any Contra. Yup I said it.

    The game is pretty much just Contra but a little bit easier. Controls is tight, graphics look great and same goes with the music.

    For the most part the game is fair until the last level when you are on the bikes. Both my friend and I got re spawned in the hole and gave us a game over. Duck that!

    The unlockable characters are cool, just wanted to let you guys know.

  • This is just budget ass Marvel but in a fun way. Spent some time with a friend playing it on and off.

    The gameplay is surprisingly good but thats about it. Music was awful and the graphics was booty.

    Fun for a month or so but I probably won't be touching it again with all the new FGs coming out in 2020.

  • I wanted to like this game a lot more but I just didn't have the time to put into the game. I like what they did with the story but it's still dumb in a funny way.

    Some of the combos in this game is annoying though. Just couldn't get used to the timing on some of the starter moves.