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IrrelevantJohn's 2017 Top 10 GOTY

This is my quick list of games I think deserves TOP 10 on my list for 2017.

FYI: I did this on my phone so forgive me since I'm not gonna go back and fix anything.

List items

  • This game surprised me because I generally don't like open world games. The exploration is fun because you pretty much explore the whole map looking for the shrines. The shrines are at most 5 min tops and that's perfect for someone who worked 60 hours a week.

    The only thing I didn't like about the game was the boss dungeons. They are by far the weakest part of the game and is very linear in terms of solving the puzzles.

  • My first Yakuza game i finished and man it made a great impression on me for the whole franchise!

    Going through the origins of Kiryu and Majima was real fun because their past is goofy as FUQ. The main story has great characters and probably the best villain in the game with a kick-ass boss theme. The side quests is fun from busting a cult leader up to bathroom dating LMAO! The upgrade system makes sense to me finally after confusing ones from previous games and after a couple of hours the characters can feel a bit overpowered especially Majima.

    It's been a couple of months so I can't remember if there was something I don't like about the game so let's just say this game has no flaws. ;)

  • I really really really like this game. I want to give it the #1 slot but there are things about this game that I can't ignore like the piss-poor localization.

    This is by far my favorite in the modern Ys series because of one thing, they finally added a jump button! In all seriousness the game has a great characters, great unique abilities and good pacing. Props to Falcom for always marking the spot where you need to go next.

    So about the localization issues... You can go google it and there will be plenty of bitching. The problem I had with the game was some characters in the dub sounded completely different from their Japanese counterpart. Some of the items are renamed to other things like calling a nut "berries" when you can clearly see in the picture that it's a nut... The worst that I came across was completely forgetting to dub a couple of lines for a couple of scenes and just using JP dub in it's place.

    OK I'm sorry about the rant but I still think it is a fantastic game. Wait on the re-localization and play it that way. I already played 120 hours and plan to play one more time when they fix it!

  • There isn't much to say about this game aside from it feels like the sonic games of the past. The controls are perfect, the levels are well planned out and holy shit the music is amazing.

    One thing I wasn't too keen on was the bonus levels to get the chaos emeralds.

    I like blue balls.

  • Oh Persona 5... You were amazing in your presentation. You look cool, sound cool, and somewhat played cool.

    Like with Ys VIII, the localization is a bit iffy at times and that is including the dub.

    So why is this #5 on my list? Here I would like to point to my friend TheFakePsychic and his reasons on why Persona 5 is rated as it is on our list.

    I will admit at one point in the game, I rushed to complete the game because I just wanted it to be over. It's a bit too long IMO.

    "It's just not Persona 420" - TFP 2017

  • Can you believe this came out the same year as 0?

    I can pretty much say it is the same to me as Yakuza 0 but the story is much more serious. This game is definitely a lot shorter compared to 0 but it was released with a budget price.

    Gameplay is pretty much the same as 0 and thank God for that because I like the current skill upgrading system.

    Can't wait for Kiwami 2 and 6!


    It's been years since I enjoyed an RE games and even though this game got a new style of gameplay (FPS) it's still feels like RE. The horror element is back and I got spooked at some points too!

    Good shooting, good puzzles and that ending though... Might grab dem DLCs.

  • Copypasta last year's REVELATOR description.

  • What can I say? I love Tetris and barely know anything about Puyo Puyo. This game is great because of how colorful the game is and the fusion between the Tetris and Puyo Puyo gameplay is great!

    Also it has the best HD Rumble out of any Switch game!

  • It's been a while since I played a Fire Emblem game because Fates never happened.

    It's a Fire Emblem game alright. The class system and leveling up is a bit different than the current entries in the series but it is based off an old NES game after all.

    Gameplay is still the same although there is no weapon triangle and of course the main characters are OP as hell and can finish off the game by themselves.

    Not much to say except its amazing compared to Fates (a game that is not real).