Game of The Year 2017

List items

  • No multiplayer game grabbed me as hard as PuBG did this year. The game can be real janky and a bit frustrating at times, but this filled the void of Overwatch for me this year. It's full of dumb fun but I still like to play it as a serious shooter. With 200 hours and no intention of stopping anytime time, this had to be my Game of The Year.

  • Fuck Nazis.

  • I honestly didn't expect to spend 90 hours in a Yakuza game. This is the perfect jumping on point for this series for me and I can't wait for more of the games to get the Kiwami treatment. I also put 30 hours into managing a hostess club and had a chicken as a real estate partner.

  • This felt like a fun return to the old CRPGs that I played when I was younger. The co-op is an absolute blast and it's a ton of fun to build a character. I've started this game at least three times over and each time I was able to have a totally different play style and I still feel like I could get more out of it.

  • Destiny continues to have some of the best shooting I can find. The story had some incredible set pieces and the co-op is as fun as always. This might be higher or lower if I had done the raid, but it feels good to return to Destiny again.

  • Shooting robot animals with a bow and arrow is real fun. The story has some cool twists and turns which is also a fun bonus.

  • I really wish I had spent more time with Nioh this year. The game had a great art style and evoked just enough Dark Souls to keep me going. The skill tree was shockingly huge and it was fun to slap demons around with the chain weapons. I look forward to picking this up on PC and finishing it.

  • If only I had more time for Persona. The music is amazing, the style is top notch and boy is it full of anime.

  • Yo, that dog has a mustache. Or not. Choose your own adventure.

  • I've got this on my list as a technicality. I did not play Night In The Woods, but I did watch someone else play it to completion. I thought the character writing is extremely well done and it made me laugh multiple times. The setting hit me in just the right way and I may be one of the few who enjoyed the twist ending.