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Gears of War Review 0

This game is a one of a kind.  Marcus Fenix is truely one big badass! It is a def. must have for any xbox 360 owner! The multiplayer is very good yet still isnt on par with games such as Halo 2 in its online community. however that shouldn't discourage anyone from picking up the game.  The storyline is great and the graphics and gameplay are incredible. What makes Gears of War unique from other shooter games is its cover system and its 3rd person view. The game, unlike other shooters, makes the ...

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God of War Review 0

I'm going to keep this one short, but to the point.God of War is simply one amazing, spectacular game! The cut scenes are smooth and great and the gameplay is superb. The graphics are amazing for a PlayStation 2 game. It almost seems to be next gen. This game has everything you want and expect out of a action/adventure game. As Kratos, your main objective is to save the city of Athens by defeating and killing Ares, the God of War. However, to get there, you must battle your way through ancient G...

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