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Well, I wound up in a shitty pickle of a situation this past weekend. A municipal water main burst next to my building on Saturday, flooding the basements of 15 apartment buildings including my own. Everything in the basement was totally submerged for more than 24 hours and water is still being pumped out as of Monday morning.

My basement storage room mainly contained old childhood toys, my CD- and DVD-collections as well as my collections of games and consoles. Hundreds of games as well as PS1, PS2, PSP, DS and original Xbox hardware now lay down there soaking wet.

So far I've only managed to recover rescue a couple of albums of childhood photos, but hopefully tonight I'll be able to tear into the contents more thoroughly and hopefully still do something with those games.

My question then is, if some duders out there have previously been in a similar unfortunate circumstance, and if you could provide any tips on how to go about cleaning and drying game discs for example? Or if someone has even managed to rescue water damaged controllers and consoles. Most of the items should be covered by my insurance, but finding a clean and working Duke controller for example might be difficult.

Thanks in advance for any and all tips and discussion.

Yeah, this is probably all done for
Yeah, this is probably all done for

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I've spent more time in the UK, especially in the West Country, in recent years than I would perhaps like to. The public transport is quite bad and expensive so book everything as far in advance as possible. It's quite damp and cold inside most places, so bring warm clothes. Renting a car is a good way to go and explore the countryside and hit up some of the local pubs. The pubs are really great in fact, so spend as much time as possible in those as you can. If you're going to be spending a couple of months out there then bringing a Switch is not a bad idea at all. A lot of people bring very expensive laptops and phones to hostels, so I wouldn't worry about having a Switch in a backpacker setting and getting it stolen unless you do something dumb.

I probably make it sound much worse than it actually is. There's plenty of pretty places to see and interesting things to do.

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Pokémon Blue. Playing that game against my friend with a link-cable every morning before school at his place.

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I think I'll spend an hour or two with Crackdown just to jump around and blow stuff up and then transition into Metro. It might be a bit too early for me to enjoy another Far Cry.

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A good stew, preferably involving game of some sort like goose or duck.

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I'm only about half way through RDR2 but I feel the need to play something else for a change, so I'll probably pick up Hitman 2 tonight. I also want to fiddle with Battlefield V before the year is out and it's likely that I'll get Pokémon: Let's Go to play on my Switch as a Christmas gift for myself.

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I ain't got time for this, and I didn't end up playing that much of JC3 anyhow. There's just too many good (and long) games stacked up at the end of this year for me to consider this.

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@humanity: Unfortunately the fast way to take screenshots is to buy a used Kinect with a USB adapter and take screenshots with voice commands. Come to think of it, you could also do this if you have any sort of microphone plugged into your controller and have Cortana turned on.

Another big general hint is to get Game Pass. I think most Xboxes sold come with some sort of trial, so definitely give it a shot to go through all the exclusives like Halo, Forza and Gears.

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@nutter: I get what you're saying, but honestly I don't think we're there quite yet.

There are also issues beyond trust, more relating to convenience. I don't want to have to sign in and out of all my accounts (Steam, Twitter, Google, etc.) every time I use my PC. Also we both use Windows under different languages and different keyboard layouts. We also don't want Windows to copy our photographs in the same folders, because we have different ways of managing that stuff.

@nyxtowa: I forgot that Steam family sharing is a thing. It's been so great to be able to share all my games with her on the consoles, especially since she can access a large Game Pass library on the Xbox through my subscription. We will definitely give this a try once I get the account and hard-drive stuff sorted.

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I'm looking for some advice from folks who have experience with sharing a PC with a partner, child, roommate etc.

This summer I moved in with my girlfriend and we've become pretty good at sharing our things to make the most of our small apartment. We use the same game consoles, cameras and lenses, TV, wool socks and even towels. But we both have still retained our own individual and private laptops and PC.

However recently she's been interested in using my gaming PC, which is more comfortable to play games and use Photoshop on than her MacBook. Even the latest MacBook seems to get crazy hot and loud when playing not that graphically intensive games like the Sims 4.

I still feel uncomfortable with sharing the accounts and files on my PC with her, not because of porn, but because that would mean access to my emails, bank and medical details, social media and overall the most important data which I own and/or control. Obviously I'm able to open up Steam, Origin etc. for her to use when I'm home, but our work schedules differ quite a lot and it would be nice for her to be able to play games when I'm not around.

The obvious solution seems to be to set up a separate Windows account for her on the PC. However my data is spread out on several hard-drives, and I don't know if there would be a way to, for example, buy a separate HDD for her to use for her games, photos and other data in a way where we couldn't access the contents of each others' hard-drives. Also, this would mean that she couldn't easily access the games she's interested in playing on my Steam, Windows, Origin etc. accounts, but I guess I might be comfortable with sharing those account logins with her. Although I'm not sure how we'd circumvent two-factor-authentication.

So what is your PC situation like with the people you live with? What ways have you found to conveniently and safely share one PC? Or have you just settled to buying separate machines for each person, which in my case might be unfeasible due to the cost and space required.

Any and all advice is welcome, so thank you all in advance:

PS: Oh, and before anyone else has the chance to post it, here's "that picture".

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