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Sounds like Microsoft are starting to position themselves to the near future when subscriptions and content matter more than hardware. I'm not saying that MS won't be investing in hardware as well, I mean Netflix still rents DVD's out in the US, but they will probably slowly transition towards streaming.

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I've mainly been using the RS200 Evolution or Agera RS to get around between events. The RS200 is a great all-around off-roader with decent road speed as well and the Koenigsegg is just a rocket on the straights, letting me shoot across the map very fast indeed.

As far as seasons are concerned I've really been digging autumn with it's colorful trees and such, but I'm also waiting for winter to roll back around. Driving in the slippery stuff is always good fun.

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In what seems like a bit of a response to Google's recent announcement of their Project Stream service, Microsoft yesterday announced their own game streaming service, Project xCloud. The service is pretty much exactly what you'd imagine it being, a way to stream Xbox One games to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV through through the internet. On top of supporting Xbox One controllers via Bluetooth, Microsoft are also making a touch based control layout for phones and tablets. The service, based on Microsoft's Azure servers, is set to begin trials in 2019.

It seems pretty clear, that with xCloud Microsoft are setting their sights against new competitors like Google, Amazon and even publishers like Ubisoft and EA.

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I know that a lot of people will struggle with using streaming services like this for a while because of slow internet speeds or data caps. While I doubt I'll be playing games where latency matters like Forza or Halo multiplayer on the go, I can imagine myself playing an RPG like Elder Scrolls or even a bit of backwards compatible Viva Piñata at the cottage using my phone or laptop and a 4G or 5G connection.

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@agentzigzag: You can try and find a sweet spot in the difficulty by adjusting your assists. If average AI is too easy for you, take your assists down a notch or two and see if it's more of a challenge then. Or then try and race against harder AI with more assists.

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Project Gotham Racing.

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PlayStation chief John Kodera just made an announcement through the PlayStation blog, that Fortnite cross-play will be enabled on the PS4 via a beta test. The full statement below.

Following a comprehensive evaluation process, SIE has identified a path toward supporting cross-platform features for select third party content. We recognize that PS4 players have been eagerly awaiting an update, and we appreciate the community’s continued patience as we have navigated through this issue to find a solution.

The first step will be an open beta beginning today for Fortnite that will allow for cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems. We see the beta as an opportunity to conduct thorough testing that ensures cross-platform play is best on PlayStation, while being mindful about the user experience from both a technical and social perspective.

For 24 years, we have strived to deliver the best gaming experience to our fans by providing a uniquely PlayStation perspective. Today, the communities around some games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players. In recognition of this, we have completed a thorough analysis of the business mechanics required to ensure that the PlayStation experience for our users remains intact today, and in the future, as we look to open up the platform.

This represents a major policy change for SIE, and we are now in the planning process across the organisation to support this change. We will update the community once we have more details to share, including more specifics regarding the beta timeframe, and what this means for other titles going forward.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for more information via our blog and social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

It seems that cross-play will only come to select titles (Fornite, probably just Fortnite) for now, but it's interesting to see Sony finally making concessions on the issue.

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Ace Combat 5 was really great, but that's not enough of a reason for me to pick the PS4 version over the PC.

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This made me realize how much more nostalgia I have for the early PlayStation stuff than any Nintendo property, even though the NES was my first real console. The price is too high, 20 games is not enough and the lack of an AC adapter is disappointing. However, if the games end up including Metal Gear Solid, then fuck, I might end up buying this dumb thing.

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The Katamari remake is now probably my most anticipated release of this year.

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Based on the demo, the game seems better optimized for PC than Horizon 3. The "high" preset gave me a smooth 1080p/60fps experience on my 1060. With Horizon 3 I had some stutters and frame-rate drops on similar settings. I will try to bump things up to Ultra today and see how that performs.

Outside of the performance stuff, I mean, it's more Forza Horizon. Don't get me wrong, I love these games, but it's a bit hard to get excited over a new one at this point. For the first time I'll not be getting all the DLC upfront, but will just download the proletariat version through Game Pass.