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@nutter: I get what you're saying, but honestly I don't think we're there quite yet.

There are also issues beyond trust, more relating to convenience. I don't want to have to sign in and out of all my accounts (Steam, Twitter, Google, etc.) every time I use my PC. Also we both use Windows under different languages and different keyboard layouts. We also don't want Windows to copy our photographs in the same folders, because we have different ways of managing that stuff.

@nyxtowa: I forgot that Steam family sharing is a thing. It's been so great to be able to share all my games with her on the consoles, especially since she can access a large Game Pass library on the Xbox through my subscription. We will definitely give this a try once I get the account and hard-drive stuff sorted.

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I'm looking for some advice from folks who have experience with sharing a PC with a partner, child, roommate etc.

This summer I moved in with my girlfriend and we've become pretty good at sharing our things to make the most of our small apartment. We use the same game consoles, cameras and lenses, TV, wool socks and even towels. But we both have still retained our own individual and private laptops and PC.

However recently she's been interested in using my gaming PC, which is more comfortable to play games and use Photoshop on than her MacBook. Even the latest MacBook seems to get crazy hot and loud when playing not that graphically intensive games like the Sims 4.

I still feel uncomfortable with sharing the accounts and files on my PC with her, not because of porn, but because that would mean access to my emails, bank and medical details, social media and overall the most important data which I own and/or control. Obviously I'm able to open up Steam, Origin etc. for her to use when I'm home, but our work schedules differ quite a lot and it would be nice for her to be able to play games when I'm not around.

The obvious solution seems to be to set up a separate Windows account for her on the PC. However my data is spread out on several hard-drives, and I don't know if there would be a way to, for example, buy a separate HDD for her to use for her games, photos and other data in a way where we couldn't access the contents of each others' hard-drives. Also, this would mean that she couldn't easily access the games she's interested in playing on my Steam, Windows, Origin etc. accounts, but I guess I might be comfortable with sharing those account logins with her. Although I'm not sure how we'd circumvent two-factor-authentication.

So what is your PC situation like with the people you live with? What ways have you found to conveniently and safely share one PC? Or have you just settled to buying separate machines for each person, which in my case might be unfeasible due to the cost and space required.

Any and all advice is welcome, so thank you all in advance:

PS: Oh, and before anyone else has the chance to post it, here's "that picture".

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Yeah, Ace Combat 6 was quite good and it's a shame it's not on this list. The first Ace Combat game I played was Shattered Skies and it remains my favourite. Ace Combat 5 and Ace Combat Zero were also great. I haven't gone back to play any of them in years, so I'm not sure how they'd hold up comparatively now.

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All my extension cables have surge protectors built in and the cable on the Xbox is pretty short so it would be pretty much impossible for me to stick it straight into a wall socket.

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The biggest bummer with the game so far is that I don't have enough time to play it. Like @humanity said, during weekdays I only have maybe 2 hours to play a game and in that time I feel I'm yanked out of the world before I've really had a time to settle in.

It looks fantastic on the Xbox One X, the world is immersive as hell, the story is really drawing me in and I just want to play more and more of it. However it's not a totally perfect package. Picking up items in interior environments for example can be a pain and sometimes the systems of the game don't quite work the way I would expect them to.

And as a big bonus, my girlfriend loves watching me play the game too, as long as I don't end up killing my horse yet again.

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That Digital Foundry report on Red Dead Redemption 2 finally made me cave in and upgrade to an X. I'm still using a 1080p TV, but the upgrade only ended up costing me around €200 and I will be getting a 4K TV once I move to a new place this winter.

I can't wait to see what the X has to offer at 4K HDR, but even at 1080p the results are impressive. RDR2 looks leaps and bounds better on the X than on a regular Xbox or PS4. In games like Halo 5 you can see quite a difference in the resolution and anti-aliasing thanks to super-sampling and draw distances are much improved. The Witcher 3 on the other hand gets those visual enhancements and also runs a whole lot smoother than before. Instead of buying Fallout 76 I think I'll just get the Fallout 4 Season Pass and going through all that DLC with a fresh outlook.

Also, backwards compatible games seem to get a big boost on the X. The original Red Dead Redemption and Halo 3 both look almost like current gen titles with all the graphical enhancements in play.

While the upgrade was somewhat of a splurge purchase for me, I am already quite happy with the results at 1080p and, like I said, am really looking forward to seeing it all in 4K. My current PC runs games great at 1080p and I've been able to play stuff like Forza Horizon 4 and DOOM on almost max settings, but I see myself going back to playing Xbox and multi-platform games on the X once I make the switch to 4K. There's no way I'll be getting a 4K-friendy PC in the next year or two, so it's nice if the X will allow me to experience those higher resolutions soon.

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Gibraltar could be small enough to be copied inch-for-inch into the game as DLC. Drag racing on the airport runway, hillclimbs up the rock and scenic drives along the shore. I mean it would be tiny, but kind of funny.

Also, a vehicular combat mode in the style of Blur with "EMP-rockets", oil spills and all that stuff.

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This problem is not particular to Rockstar Games or the development of Red Dead Redemption 2. It seems that most games go through unbearable crunch periods before launch, and people working in the industry are probably used to it by now, which is an unfortunate situation. But I know that even with good planning and maintaining schedules, big projects have a tendency to pile up a lot of surprises or need for polish when the deadlines start to loom.

Also, as others have pointed out already, when tackling poor work practices in the gaming sector I would first pay attention to the people lower down in the supply chain. The people making the hardware and especially those procuring the minerals for their construction are in much more perilous situations than the developers working in reasonably well paying jobs in developed countries. I'm not trying to say that toxic work culture in game development is not a problem or that the work stress of the developers is not important, but the media time these issues gain as opposed to the environmental or social impacts of the industry in a larger frame seems out of balance.

Does anyone know of some good examples of big game companies which have done crunch right? I think it would be healthy to bring these examples to the forefront during these discussions, to provide a way forward to teams and companies struggling to finish their games in a timely manner.

I've had to work nearly or over 100 hour weeks every now and then to finish projects or help with staff shortages many times in my working life. It can be very draining, especially if the situation becomes protracted. At least the people at Rockstar Games can, hopefully, feel that their work has gone towards a project that will be remembered for years to come and one which will bring happiness to a lot of people. A sentiment I've not exactly been able to share when stuffing children's feet into cheap plastic shoes during holiday sales or worse.

So, in short, these latest news and comments will not prevent me from buying and playing Red Dead Redemption 2. However, if an example of a developer whose work practices could set an example for other developers was brought to the forefront, it might persuade me to buy their game even if I hadn't considered a purchase before.

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Sounds like Microsoft are starting to position themselves to the near future when subscriptions and content matter more than hardware. I'm not saying that MS won't be investing in hardware as well, I mean Netflix still rents DVD's out in the US, but they will probably slowly transition towards streaming.

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I've mainly been using the RS200 Evolution or Agera RS to get around between events. The RS200 is a great all-around off-roader with decent road speed as well and the Koenigsegg is just a rocket on the straights, letting me shoot across the map very fast indeed.

As far as seasons are concerned I've really been digging autumn with it's colorful trees and such, but I'm also waiting for winter to roll back around. Driving in the slippery stuff is always good fun.