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Finally watched Valerian, turned out even worse than I thought it would be. Looks fantastic but is utterly soulless. Performances rank from bad to painful, Sam Spruell being the only actor putting in some acceptable work.

I would say Luc Besson has lost it between this and Lucy but looking at his body of work he has barely had anything going for two decades now.


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I will paste in here something I wrote on another forum about it:

Far Cry New Dawn is not bad, really, but it depends.

+fantastic with a friend

+story missions when you want them, instead of them being forced upon you as in 5

+great weapons and gameplay in general

+companions upgrade as they get kills

+expeditions and Outposts have a new scaling system for repeated plays, which works

+/- Not the same random mayhem as in 5

+/- Hope you like looting and collecting things

-can only have one companion so no AI mate/animal on Co op

The AI companions with guns or arrows are fairly useless, and no Grace this time

-way shorter story and smaller map

-initial weapons are garbage and the upgrade system won't be to everyone's liking

-story is still bad and no payoff for the only interesting thread in there

-a bit of a downgrade in aesthetics, also this version of the post apocalypse won't be for everyone

So in general, if you have a mate to play it with, getting in for about half price is worth it.

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Really great music, I listen to it all the time on Spotify. If it wasn't for Vinny, this game probably wouldn't even have made the top ten list (was in 10th place) so it's no wonder it was over looked in some categories. Won Best Looking, though.

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I will come at you because the old and tired line about the story being no good after, or even apart from, The Bloody Baron quest is the biggest pile of pure bullshit ever uttered about a video game. I have no idea how it even started, it's an early quest and maybe there is a bit of a slow patch in the plot after that, I suppose most people fell off then and used it as an excuse. In reality the game is stuffed with great story beats, and the endgame against The Wild Hunt is outstanding.

Dan Ryckert said that thing about the Witcher 3 story as well, and he is a well known games journalist, but he also ate egg shells because he thought those were the egg whites. So there is that.

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But mostly Spelunky 2

That's really all I can think of right now

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I have been waiting for the Onimusha series to get some kind of continuation for years now, especially after seeing a remake of an RE remake, it is been sad to see Resident Evil continue in every conceivable way while Onimusha fades into obscurity. Now an HD trilogy would have been nicer but the armchair analyst in me figures that Capcom peeps want to test the waters before deciding to put more money into the series, apart from the obvious resources needed to upgrade 2 and 3 there are also the likeness rights to be considered.

But who knows, enough of us buy this and they might go for it, and even, in the long run, a new game?

That's pretty far fetched, I agree. But I will be buying Warlords tomorrow, for sure.

P.S. If anyone is wondering why I haven't mentioned Dawn of Dreams it's because I bloody hate it and hope they never do anything more with it.

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DoD is the absolute bastard child of this series, I hated it. It is the Crystal Skull of Onimusha.

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I barely made it through the first episodes of this (the very first one is pretty good though) but once it went I to the [spoiler] what are the spoiler tags here? [/spoiler] I was hooked. The Frakes directed episode is a joy (he did direct the best Star Trek movie after all) and it is quite solid throughout after that.

Generally speaking though, and divorced from the characters and plot, I am annoyed at the whole prequel thing. And they are even doubling down on that in S2. If they wanted to make the Klingons this hideous it would have made more sense to have it happen later in the time line. Is there a point in the Star trek time line where interesting things just stop happening? Is that the reason why they always have to return to the old characters?

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I didn't mind the slow burn, especially since it came together in an absolutely mental final battle.

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I occasionally buy physical games but am happy to be almost exclusively digital. For one thing, games are very expensive here in Iceland so even new games are often cheaper on Psn. Steam and Psn have sales all the time. Collecting things no longer interests me. Digital only is what we will be stuck with eventually, I have already embraced the fact.