All the Games I've Beaten in 2016 + Personal GOTY Countdown

**A work in progress**

Please remember this is a work in progress. If you are taking a peek at this list before I've reached my #1, it may seem a bit lacking. Thanks for your understanding.

A few notes and a couple of disclaimers

This is a list of all the games I played and beaten in 2016 alone, even though not all of the games were necessarily released in 2016. I've beaten ALL the games on this list to the end of the campaign or main story, no exceptions. The games on the list are not 100% accurate in terms of which platform I played them on, as the GiantBomb database is not complete. My commentary consists of my own opinions and nobody else's and relies on basic gaming knowledge of the game and the genre when reading them. And lastly, this is in no way, shape or form, a review.--I'm not describing the individual games, I'm describing my experience with them.

It's been a wild ride. Some duds, but for the most part, I enjoyed 2016 very much. In order from worst to best, starting with #49...

*Reminder: this list is in inverted order

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