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#1 Posted by ItsMagicNeal (24 posts) -

A Persona 3 remake or just some reason to maybe play Destiny 2 again

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@hmoney001 said:

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I've been trying to figure out the lyrics to this one and I think I've gotten a lot of it, but there are still some parts I'm missing, maybe someone else can figure this out (I tried listening to it at .5 speed and that didn't help either :/)

Try to have some fun, let’s start the trickster game

It’s showtime

Let’s get going

Have some fun, taking a chance or even two

There’s no guideline for doing it your way let’s just focus now on what lies ahead

Time to (get ready...?) taking over here

Wake up, get up, get out there

Come on let’s get on this ride, you’ve been waiting for us til now

Here we go, amp things up

Gotta get free (your heart...?)

So come and feel that jazz, or a beautiful ballad, how about some pop or maybe some rock and roll

I bring it all to you, I guess it’s what I signed up for

To (???) and play pretty tunes

Send boring back to nowhere, come in for a while (Hold it yeah?)

You know you wanna be here

I’ve got a show that’s gonna change your world let’s rock

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I think that in the name of editorial fairness that every game should only get one year, as to not give an advantage to service-based games over single player experiences. So if this is the year of PUBG then it's the year of PUBG, but that would make it ineligible for next year regardless of the content that is added on to the game, and it would have to be judged in it's current state, however janky it may be.

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I think my first was about 110, and second was 115

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I can see why some people might complain but for me it's always about the journey and not the destination, sure I had a lot of cool guns but I'm going to want new guns anyways so this doesn't change my plans. Also in the case of Destiny 2 you can point to changes in the weapon slots and perks as to reasons why it couldn't happen, they're trying to make the game better and if this is how they have to do it then so be it. Granted it is a bit of a bummer that micro transactions and stuff don't carry over since people spent money on that stuff, so I hope they don't have the balls to try and sell the exact same stuff again.

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#6 Posted by ItsMagicNeal (24 posts) -

@thebluthcompany: I read this and thought you were talking about Persona 3 for a moment

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Nintendo: They need big titles for 2018 if they want to continue to move Switch units, and I expect them to deliver with DLC for Zelda, Splatoon, and Mario Kart. I'd also expect some more Wii U ports coming like Smash, Mario Maker, and either of the Zelda remasters. Of course they need new games too so hopefully they have an Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, or Metroid. But if they want to keep picking the nostalgia bone they could announced GameCube virtual console or provide an update on NES/SNES Classic.

Microsoft: Again they need big titles to push hardware, but this time Scorpio. We need more details on pricing and release for this thing, but I'm not sure if all of the details will be pretty. I'd be expecting a hefty price tag, ($599) and a lot of confusion about how long original XBones will last and when people will want to upgrade. I'm sure they understand the high expectations after the dissaster of the XBone reveal, so hopefully they can be clear and concise this time around. As far as specific games it's hard to nail anything down, Sea of Theives seem like a sure bet but CrackDown 3 has been MIA for a bit too long, Gears just came out last year so it's likely too soon, and from what I can see people are feeling a bit downtrodden about Halo. Forza is cool and a good graphics showcase but I'm doubtful it can really move units.

Sony: They've been killing it on the software from so all they really need to do is keep riding that train. God of War, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Dreams, The Last of us Part 2, Detroit, and the new game from That Game Company would all be great to see, although it might be too early for Death Stranding and TLoU. Also I wanna change my god damn PSN name already, and I bet they're gearing up to push out a new version of PS4 firmware.

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@cmaley1 said:

And hopefully I don't offend anyone with this, but having Shido as the one evil doer that Japan is afraid of taking to justice after he confessed his crimes is just eerily reminiscent of (for me personally) the political climate of the US. I love the reactions and discussion swirling Shido during the ending and how the uncertainty and fear of removing him as prime minister.

I totally thought this as well, and am now really curious as to ATLUS's thoughts on the comparison. Since the game has been in development for so long it obviously could have gone through some changes, but it came out in Japan before the US elections so I wonder if there's something going on over there they based it on.

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#10 Posted by ItsMagicNeal (24 posts) -
  • Persona 3 gets ported to Vita with the 3D enviroments and epilogue of FES, and the combat and female protagonist of P3P (As someone who hasn't played P3 yet and now has to decide on which version to play, this would be amazing)
  • Telltale makes a new engine and actually makes an interesting adventure game
  • Prey 2
  • Publishers stop advertising DLC before a game is actually out
  • The Last Guardian is worth the wait
  • Nintendo's NX is backwards compatible with with Wii U, also features full Nintendo library in virtual console
  • The next Last of Us game doesn't include Ellie or Joel
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