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Just finished Digital: A Love Story....meh...*SPOILERS*

Okay, I know I'm going to get mega flaimed here, but I just finished up a two part mega session of DALO, and I must say, it was a cool little story, but it didn't captivate me emotionally like people have been saying. You are basically the main protaganist in this age old catch-22 of "to save the world, you must sacrifice the person you love", but instead it's "to save this cyber world, you must send off your cyber girlfriend like a kamikaze bomber". Okay, now I know everyones going to hide behing statements like, you don't get it, or you don't understnad, and you know what, I don't understand. I don't understand that just because a program pretends to be some chick who sends you poetry once, and you send about under 50 messages once the credits roll, that you are immediately in love with it, and vice versa. The GUI in this game is really what sets it apart from a text adventure, and you can obviously tell that the developer loves the old Amiga systems, and while I understand that the GUI system is set up it's way for a reason, and goes back to a more Wild West-esqu sense of the web, and that everything was slow as hell back then, the parts where you want to get to, which is story progression through messages, and mini-puzzles, is bogged down by the pacing, almost so extreme to a point at the near end of the game that you wince every time you know you must travel to a new hub. Maybe I didn't get attached to the female (none of the other characters besides her stand out in any way what so ever; the developer also tries to throw in some terminology as to why you're sacrificing this program at the end, names, and kind of side kick characters to which you gain no interest to and are overall forgettable) I love gameplay, but I've always been a story guy. I love great stories in games, and while this game has some cookie cutter plot development and characters, I never found myself attached ot even close to infatuated to somebody because they can write poetry and accept criticism (which by the way, i never know half the stuff "i" write in responses). The puzzle element is minimal, and the interface can be more of a chore then an engaging symbol of the time.


Just got my first HD changes things.....

I have played games long as I can remember.
I went through the golden age of the Genesis, SNES, to the Dreamcast and N64, then to the PS2 and Xbox days, and I have been playing the 360 since it launched.
I have done most of this gaming on a very small SDTV. I now have a 32'' HDTV.
Just playing through all my library of games just feel fresh and new. Even stuff like Scott Pilgrim and Monday Night Combat really impress me.

and their


Good and bad...

Well, as everyone has now seen, the sharp resurgence of a particular quasi-dying genre can be good and bad.

On one hand we have gems like Street Fighter IV and Blazblue, yet on the other, we have some disappointments like King of Fighters XII.

What is most surprising to me is the large rejuvenation in old fighting games. Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and KoF 98' have all recently hit XBLA. Albeit the SNK ports' substandard online multiplayer components, they are fairly well ported, and generally well recieved.

Personally, I am, and have always been, a fan of the genre, and I continue to happily be one in this new renaissance of great fighting games!