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I'm on episode 8 and starting to get disappointed. The main character kind of sucks but I was enjoying the other characters. Now I'm on episode 8 and they tried to get "deep" and....yeah no. It was very badly written. The writer doesn't seem to have much life experience and it showed. Also, they really threw in a love story from nowhere. First they're just friends then next scene they're suddenly attracted to eachother. I think something must have been cut out because it made no sense.

However, I do like the Ward character. He has a nice arc to him so far.

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I don't think Mary is going to GB. That seems like it would be really awkward. "Goodbye everyone! It will be so sad to never see you again." *takes elevator downstairs*. "Hello everyone!"

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I greatly prefer health packs or nothing at all (like CS). Unless I am not in the game for the shooting. I play Uncharted because I like the story and comedy, the shooting is just an added bonus.

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@armaan8014: Ok yeah, things are always more difficult in real life. Well if you don't already have a website of your own then I'd still suggest making one. Just to have one place where people can see all of your stuff. And any jobs who will hire you for your artistic skills will want to see a portfolio. So creating a good portfolio is a good start.

I don't really know anything about marketing art. Hopefully some of the artists here can give some helpful hints on where to market your artistic skills online. I'm just thinking graphic designer but I don't know the first thing about that.

I really like your painting though. I thought it was a picture when I first saw it.

For people interested maybe you should link where you sell your t-shirts?

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Just watched the thin red line last night. It was pretty good.

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Some other thoughts. It seems like you already have one but work on getting a portfolio together. Once you have a few things then make a website for yourself. Display your talents, who you are, and have a business email. Maybe get some business cards? This will make it easier to show new people who you are and you can get some freelance work, maybe some freelance work on passion projects too. Maybe host your blog on your own site too if you think it'll help. I'm not on twitter but I've often thought of creating a twitter to make contacts. So having a business twitter would be good too.

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Sorry it was a little tldr but it's interesting so I'll probably come back to it later.

In total I got: you're a talented artist and maybe musician who has a passion for video games. You work in an architecture firm in India. You would like to work on things with your inspirations(landscapes, feelings, etc). You tried film but the process didn't grab you.

You want to try something with your passions but you need to eat and would like to make a career out of your passions. In general you'd like to make money while doing your passions. You would also like to be near other people who are passionate about things you enjoy.

I have no answers for you but here are a few suggestions. You are working a job which I assume helps you make a decent amount of money. I'd suggest you downgrade your lifestyle to a place where you are saving a decent amount of money so you can fund something. Or do a kickstarter/gofundme, if you have an idea.

I think you need to make contacts and meet people. So maybe go to some different countries and go to game jams, meet indie devs, make some art with people. In general make enough money so you can travel and see what's out there. However, this might be difficult since you're from India and I don't know what you'd need to do for visas.

The other idea is to learn unity or something simple to program and make a game that generally just showcases your art. You can then use that to make some contacts.

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Dragon age origins might be isometric(not sure on the term) but it is like old crpgs. It's also turn-based, if you want to play it that way, I recommend playing it turn-based.

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Twilight Princess when the mirror broke into a million pieces and the game told me to find all the shards.

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@audiobusting: I don't think I have a Thunderbolt then. Mine was made in 2009 I think.

@justin258: I'm not sure which computer you're talking about. The link goes to the homepage of their shock deals.

@majormitch: Yeah I was interested in the 3ds because I was interested in the Pheonix Wright titles, Fire emblem, and I think there was some kind of visual novel type stuff on it maybe or that could have been ios. But yeah, I don't want to spend 50 dollars on every new game.

@bigsocrates: Yeah I was looking at those memory cards. But if the initial investment is worth it and the titles are cheap then in the long run it should be ok. But yeah, I do remember my hands cramping up with the psp. I should try it before buying it. I think with these price points I'll have to wait a bit before buying.

@arbitrarywater: 2ds is listed as 140$ on amazon and it doesn't fold. 3ds is 170-240$ depending on if it's xl or not.

Since laptops were brought up a few times. I was considering a new laptop but my processor usually seems like to bottleneck for games and I couldn't find something better for a decent price point. I'll drop my specs here:

Asus B43S(with extra ram and an SSD)

Intel core i5-2520M CPU 2.5 GHZ

8192MB RAM

intel HD graphics 3000 (video)

Ok so I got my laptop fixed recently and he said I had 2 graphics card installed and he switched to the most powerful one...not sure if that is the case. I'll have to investigate. I can't figureout how to view what the other graphics card is. I'll have to contact him during the week. Quick search on the internet says the graphics card could be a "AMD Radeon HD 6470M"