The "Not-So-Epic" Gamer

Money... we all need it and we all want it.

Something we never thought of when we were younger, trying to buy games, by begging our parents or grandparents. When you start buying things for yourself then you begin to realize, "Oh shit! I can't buy the new Zelda game right now."

I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember (currently 33 years old.) From the age of about 18 and on, I realized that you really do have to pick your games especially if you are less fortunate than others, but there is one thing that we can all receive for no cost at all, Jesus Christ. Kidding, but if that's your thing then that's great too.

I've tried streaming through Twitch and still dabble in it every now and then, but of course, I get the anxiety of not having the most expensive hardware to do so and start to think to myself, "well no one is going to watch me because I don't have a Blue mic or a gaming chair." At the end of the day if your content is good enough then it shouldn't matter, right? Well, I think that depends.

Do I enjoy streaming? Absolutely! Then it shouldn't truly matter, but trying to get over that hump is still hard to deal with because you're going to get trolls in your stream, making fun of your mic or your bitrate (I also live in a rural area, so my internet is definitely not top tier, but not bottom either.) On top of all of this, my streams are definitely not epic in any way. You will not see epic plays and kills, but I try to create a funny stream and do interact with the one or two viewers that show up. Maybe I need to research more and get things narrowed down to present myself to gaming communities.

Ya'll take care, The "Not-So-Epic" Gamer signing off until next time...