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GOTY 2014

As I was looking back on all of my 2014 games I realized that a lot of what I played was released in years past. Persona 4 Golden: has eaten up a lot of my time, I finally experienced The Walking Dead: Season 1, and even though The Last Of Us: Remastered is amazing, I felt I couldn't include it on this list (it would have been my number 1 otherwise). That being said here's my list for this year.

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  • Easily the most gripping tale I've experienced this year. With each passing in-game day, the new discoveries would add a new wrinkle that I couldn't wait to explore. Monokuma was a fantastic villain and all of the characters were well fleshed out. The class trials, while mostly composed of an assortment of mini games, kept the action tense and me on my toes. I haven't played the second game but I'll definitely be looking into it soon.

  • The best Assassin's Creed game released this year! Seriously though, this is the best LOTR game I've played since Two Towers waaaaay back on the PS2. The setting was justifiably dark and the Nemesis system is something I'm really excited to see more games take advantage of.

  • I was slightly worried that this series would begin to falter in this new generation, but it turned out to be a very entertaining entry. The abilities gained throughout the campaign were creative and gave me a great sense of power. This one was hard to put down. Plus, it's the first game I've ever Platinum-ed!

  • Perhaps the most enjoyable hour of gaming I've experienced this year. Although there isn't a whole lot of "game" here, the story is written concisely and beautifully. The art direction (specifically in how environments transition) is one of my favorites this year as well.

  • What can I say? FIFA is near and dear to my heart. The series continues to improve more than most other sports franchises and is still a blast to play.

  • Who knew that a two year old game could be so great in 2014? Reaper of Souls breathed new life into this game and the Ultimate Evil Edition wrapped it neatly into a complete package. The combat, loot, and social features in this game are well realized and the addition of adventure mode is an excellent way to extend the life of this game.

  • Full disclosure: Tropico 5 is the first entry in the series I've ever played, and I'm not too familiar with the rest of it. That being said I really enjoy the humor, presentation, and different systems this game has to offer. I'll be playing this well into 2015.

  • It's not difficult to be the best baseball game on the market when there's no competition but MLB The show hasn't rested on it's laurels. The presentation is gorgeous and controls are precise. Plus there are plenty of modes to keep sports sim enthusiasts busy for some time. My only real gripe was the super limited soundtrack. Hopefully you really like listening to Aloe Blacc's voice on repeat.

  • Luftrausers is a perfectly addictive game that is well suited for my little Vita. The difficult controls make it extremely satisfying whenever I'm able to gun down a blimp.

  • My most addictive game of 2014. I've never been too deep into card games, but this one has changed this trend. The simplicity in learning the game is perfect and for those that want to go further there's a great level of depth that is intelligently designed.