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GOTY 2015

Most years if someone were to ask me what my 10 favorite games of the year were that list would just be 10 games that I played. I usually focus on games that I've missed in prior years and play only the games of the current year that I'm most looking forward to. 2015 changed this trend a bit and allowed me to enjoy more games from the year than usual. These experiences have been widely varied for me including genres that I don't usually dip my toes into. So without further ado. Let's get into the list.

List items

  • I had to take a long pause when considering what my favorite game of the year was. There was no clear winner in a year that had plenty of great games. However, the more I thought about it the more Rocket League made the most sense to me. This game reintroduced the thrill of competition for me when I thought that I only wanted to play single-player games. Rocket League is the distillation of how you want to feel when you play a sports game without convoluted control schemes or modes. It also pulled off something that felt miraculous in that even when I lost (which happened frequently) I was still having a great time. That's something that is really difficult to capture and Psyonix knocks it out of the park.

  • Bethesda open world games have a special place in my heart and Fallout 4 has continued to do so. Few games manage to capture the feeling of creating a character that has a blank slate as these. Fallout 4 progresses in this respect by allowing me to build the world in a way I see fit with settlements, doing away with the antiquated karma system, and expanding upon the perk system.