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Laying a numerical Smackdown 0

So inbetween iterations of WWE 2K games, 2K Sports has decided to release this free-to-play card game which features a large portion of past and present WWE wrestlers. To be totally honest I was expecting a half-arsed cash in but in all due fairness you can tell that, while maybe not the most challenging game to make, at least some effort has gone into makeing this game something of an enjoyable experience for its users.Essentially this game is a version of War (or Top Trumps if you prefer). You...

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Holy letdown, Batman! 0

It's sad when a game series hits the point where you just know in your gut that it has nothing new to offer. What was once fun has become routine and the excitement of seeing the next major event has evolved into apathy. Unfortunately, while Batman: Arkham Origins is no where near being a bad game, the concept feels tired and uninspired.In this prequel to Arkham Asylum and City, you play as Batman who has only been fighting crime for two years. Like in other media featuring the character he has...

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I can't think of a decent Duck related pun. 0

I hear Ducktales is something of a classic on the NES. I personally never got to play the title and henceforth don't have a nostalgic comparison for this game to live up to. In someways I'd like to think that is a strength as it allows Ducktales: Remastered to stand up as it's own game but in other ways it means I can't tell what is better or worse than the original. Either way, I have to say that Remastered is something of a disappointment.The game has a bare minimum plot that involved Scrooge ...

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400 Days in Roughly 90 Minutes 0

For Telltale, The Walking Dead was where the company really hit gold. Sure there were good games on the way but it was their zombie apocalypse adventure, with well written characters, emotionally driven set ups and extremely difficult story changing decisions that were forced upon the player which allowed this particular series to stand out amongst the crowd (even winning Giant Bomb's Community GOTY 2012 by a landslide).So it is not really a surprise that it was announced we would be getting a s...

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This game entirely depends on your opinion of Deadpool 0

The easiest reviews to write are for the games that are very bad (where you can vent all your frustrations and push people away from a product) or extremely good (were you can gush all your praises and draw people into making a purchase). So therefore I announce that this game is very hard to review because it sits dead middle on the spectrum of good to bad.Inherently there is nothing terrible about Deadpool. You take control of the title character a.k.a Wade Wilson as he... well, breaks the fou...

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One Game to Rule Them All? 1

After nearly 8 years and 10 games later you would have thought by now there would be no need to review these games any more. A franchise is turned into a family friendly mix of action, platforming and puzzle solving with all characters and item being replaced by Lego counterparts.The game has rarely strayed from it's initial formula but has seen tweaks and additions that have at times both benefited and detracted the fun from each installment. So in the end you know what to expect and the only r...

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A Naughty Sequel 0

In a world where it is unlikely that I'll ever have the joy of playing Shenmue 3, another proper installment of Banjo Kazooie and had to wait so long for the confirmation of Beyond Good and Evil 2 it seem very unfair that a game like Naughty Bear has been given a sequel.2010's Naughty Bear was a game that had a few good ideas but squandered them in a game that suffered poor design choices, repetitive gameplay and lack of proper testing which resulted in a buggy mess. So the big question is this:...

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A Naughty Game 0

Naughty Bear is one of those games that could sell itself on the concept alone. An insane sociopathic teddy bear goes on a murderous spree against other teddy bears after being wronged somehow. Usually the other bears don't come across as any more likeable as our player character so it’s okay to brutally murder them all.   You play as Naughty the anti-social and psychotic bear aforementioned. In each of the seven levels some character manages to upset Naughty whether this is by not inviting h...

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A Risky Purchase 7

Before the ages of electronic entertainment (video games more specifically) board games were the number one source of social gaming. Monopoly, Snakes and Ladder and Cludo are only a few of the famous table top games that were once common is households.  Of course one of the downsides of these games were that they took ages to set up, ages to play and ages to put away. Then there was the whole element that if certain pieces were lost then the game was unplayable. Transferring board games to vide...

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Worth the Wait? 0

 Remedy's Alan Wake, much like their previous product Max Payne, took a long time coming to the stores. It was constantly dropped and picked up. It was repeatedly constructed and broken down. So after six years of waiting Alan Wake finally hit the store, but is it worth it?   For what it’s worth Alan Wake is an enjoyable game. If you took the atmosphere from the first Silent Hill games, the action perspective of Resident Evil 4 and threw in a pinch of , you would have Alan Wake. The game offe...

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