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@ichthy said:

A friend of mine works for Glu and was lead designer for that Kim Kardashian game. According to him the game is making around $500000 a DAY in revenue. I don't even know what games are anymore.


But it shows just how big microtransactions are and how big sheep casuals are.

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Welcome to CBS&Giantbomb Dan and Jason.

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@kevin_cogneto said:

Alrighty then, I guess I'll just re-post this.

The way I see it, it goes like this:

1. This being a personality-driven website, Giant Bomb tends to hire well-established personalities like Patrick and Dan, people who've been at the video game journalism game for a decade or more.

2. A decade ago, female and minority game journalists were far less common, for all sorts of unfortunate reasons.

3. Purely as a result of the first two facts (and almost certainly not deliberately), there has yet to be a female or minority hired to be part of the Giant Bomb editorial staff.

4. Meanwhile, other websites that are more news and article driven tend to be far more diverse because of the need for a larger staff, and a willingness to hire less experienced people.

5. As a result of this discrepancy, Giant Bomb inadvertently attracts a certain percentage of their viewership who, either knowingly or subconsciously, absolutely do not want the perspectives of women or minorities in their video game coverage.

6. The otherwise-cool Giant Bomb community continues to show its ass every single time any sort of social issue is involved.

Honestly, it's nobody's fault. Certainly not Jeff's for hiring the people he decided to hire. But those dudes seriously need to come to terms with this particular element of the community they've accidentally cultivated, because I think the Giant Bomb crew and the rest of the community are both in denial about it.

Giantbomb is owned by CBS and is now under the same wing as Gamespot and are even sharing the same office. So i hope you see where you're nr.3 is going wrong. Unless you want to argue that Gamespot doesn't have any minorities and females on their payrole.

Also are you trying to justify that Giantbomb should not hire the most qualified person? and just for the record, hiring a less qualified just because this person is female or black is still discrimination and could make them liable for a potential lawsuit and legal action from the Gov.

So i am surprised at this critic of Giantbomb and i am truly surprised that anyone would even suggest discrimination and think that is ok just because it happened to be men.

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@Alex - Regarding Rebecca's kid: Carver makes it explicit that the kid is his with the choices I made, but the way Rebecca treats him it almost seems like she was raped. Which if she was, it will have to be handled... delicately (although it would be far from the first time something like that happened in TWD universe.

Cool feature also!

I have played through ep.2 a few times and nowhere does it become clear in my opinion, i know what he says, but what exactly he means is ambiguous , also from the preview of ep.3 it seems highly likely that he is just a crazy man who have gone mental and treat his group as a big family, pretty much like the gov.

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"A House Divided" marks the first acknowledgment of the events that took place during the 400 Days DLC. There's a brief section where you discover Bonnie peering through the window of the lodge. It's played as an innocuous moment, but it pretty plainly telegraphs her later appearance in the episode as one of Carver's thugs. Apparently the camp Tavia was inviting the survivors from that campaign to was Carver's. I'm sitting here, racking my brain trying to remember who else from my playthrough of the 400 Days went to the camp, but I just can't. Then again, 400 Days wasn't an especially memorable piece of DLC, so maybe that's to be expected.

If you go back and listen to the conversation i think its pretty obvious that the camp they spoke of there is the one in the north Wellington and not Carvers, so why Bonnie is with Carver is a bit puzzling but i dont think a guy as "protective" of his flock would allow anyone to go outside the compound. Also i know we dont know why those other people were shot, but why would someone as open as you heard on the radio be as closed as that.

Carver could of course have taken over the camp but it seems to be more of a bump on the road towards the real camp then where the group from 400days went.

Particular when you could get everyone to go.

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There is no contest there

Braid hands down that game is great and one of the best all-times indie games.

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Hmm, two very different games

And i enjoy Hitman a lot but AA was just such a gem that its hard to argue with that being the choice.

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@me3639: I just complete on Veteran and so far it looks to be around 6-7h to complete if you do not die or have to retry, but there are a few spots along the way where the enemies are so hard to see that i at least could not help but retry a few times :) might be because i am more of a duck and cover guy than a rush-Rambo-style.

But its a decent campaign and a decent story.

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Labels are so useless and there no such thing as hardcore, casual, softcore or anything else in regards to gamers.

Do you play a game on any platform , be it pc, mobile, console. then you are are a gamer.

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@klei said:

@me3639 said:

Its an adventure game.

I like different types of games other than run right, shoot everything in sight.

I will play when its reduced in price.

Why Alex is reviewing this game [shaking head] ill never know.

As i have seen a lot did not know Alex was reviewing i wanted to clarify my reason for my comment though his review has no impact on my decison, as does anyone elses. My comment was based on his own comments for his distaste for David Cage and his creativity along with an attitude that he doesnt seem to care for the genre or anything about the game itself. Comments he made during the am show last week(i think). IMO, Alex should stick to wrestling, movies, music and platformers. Nothing personal, thats just how i think his main intrests lie and wont progress beyond.

It's not even an adventure game. Don't insult the good old genre of my youth. It's an interactive movie, an updated version of Dragon's Lair, if you will.

The problem with that label is that Gage's games aren't even that interactive. Interactivity is a give and take. It tends to function two ways. You give the game input and it gives you output in return, which is the case with most strategy games. or the game gives you input you and you output a response. THis is the case in games like platformers or baseball games where the computer pitches you a ball and you try to hit it. Modern "interactive movie" games, where there is one predetermined course and they allow you to press up on the controller while the game goes forward aren't interactive at all. Calling it an interactive movie would require calling those old cameras where you had to crank the handle to make it progress "interactive movies".

I am not sure what you are trying to say but one thing you sure have misunderstood is Cage games, there are plenty of interactive elements in all his games, they might be railgames, but they are still games.

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