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Huge improvement over LAST YEAR’S MODEL 0

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves is one of the most fun exciting a thrill a minute action adventure games in a long time. I have played a ton of games, although never have reviewed many of them guess I should start. Most games I like taking my time and enjoy them I try not to rush through. I broke that habit with Uncharted 2. I could not release the DualShock 3 from my hands. I got extremely involved with the story, characters and the beautiful world Naughty Dog has brought to life. I truly enjoyed the...

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The Fab Four Reunite 2

If you are a Beatles fan in any sort of way this is by far  a must buy game. I loved Rock Band 1 and 2. Personally I though Rock Band is leagues beyond Guitar Hero. After playing Rock Band 2 I kind of gave up on the whole music game genre. I felt they were fun but got old fast. The Beatles had always been my favorite band in history. and when Guitar Hero came out with Aerosmith I thought that it was a cool idea for them to center on one band. I work at Blockbuster so we pushed both Guitar Hero a...

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