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Games I love but will likely never finish

The reasons I will likely never beat these games has nothing to do with the games. It has much more to do with me getting too easily distracted by the newest games.
Hopefully I'm a big liar and do eventually beat these games once I'm unemployed

List items

  • I got through more than half of it. That 's to much of the same damn thing. Also I don't really love this game But I KNOW I'll never finish it.

  • I played the first one, bought the second one and they're just far to similar For me to push through the back half of the game.... That and I'm stuck with purely large vehicle races right now.

  • I sunk over 100hrs into this game. Got to the final boss and then bought my PS3. It's not worth it just to beat the final boss. Great game though.

  • Got to the last island and fighting instantly became more tedious than fun. No other good reason for it

  • Batman was my game of choice until Persona 3:FES came in the mail. RPGS DESTROY MY LIFE. I might get back to it. Provided every other game this fall sucks.....

  • I don't remember why I stopped playing... but I did

  • I got to the open world part that everyone loves. I enjoyed the linear parts far more.

  • I was playing co-op with a buddy, then he beat the game on his own. That and I don't care about this story.