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Jack Burt0n's 2013 GOTY

Well, I guess it's that time of year again. Just about everything's out that's going to come out this year and be up for consideration by no reason to prolong things for a little while longer. Without any further adieu, here is my (Jack Burt0n's) Game of the Year list for 2013!

List items

  • It's more Link to the Past. I know I should be a little harsher on Nintendo for just falling back on nostalgia, but this probably is the best game I've played all year.

  • Metroidvania roguelike with descendants taking on traits of their predecessors? Sign me up!

  • Fantastic story, some repetitive combat, but an amazing cross-country journey with Joel and Ellie. I absolutely loved the game.

  • The first real next-gen (graphics-wise) game. I'm a sucker for shiny/sweaty things.

  • You really won't find 10 other games better than Brothers this year. The controls are so intricately woven into the story, and the game looks amazing.

  • The best Mario game since Mario Land 3D. Fantastic music, gameplay and the charm that's been missing from some of the other Mario games lately.

  • An amazing puzzle game with a distinct atmosphere and story. Great all-around game.

  • The first GTA game I've finished since, well...ever. Pretty good story, fantastic set pieces, and some decent writing.

  • More of Saints Row 3, but with everything literally turned up to 11. Like a crazier version of Crackdown, but with a dubstep gun.

  • An awesome reboot of a franchise that sorely needed one. Great gameplay and a cool sense of style that made me care again. Or at least, made me enjoy a 3rd-person action adventure game once again.