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My Favorite Games of 2015

So I didn't get to play as many games as I hoped I would have in 2015...a more demanding job, a toddler, and a newborn all make playing time even scarcer than before. That being said, I did manage to grab some time to play enough of these games to put them on my "Best of 2015" list. Here's what made the cut:

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  • Whether it's designing my own courses, seeing how people die and complete them, or trying one of Dan's ridiculously tough levels, this is what 10-year-old me would have killed for in 1992.

  • Kojima did it again. Could have done without some of the extra BS towards the end, but man, did it come together. What an open world game!

  • Technically, it's not great, but it's still Rock Band, and I still have a blast playing it.

  • Man, I want to finish this game so bad! Just need to get a few more 2-3 hour chunks to remember where I'm even at, though...

  • Still working on this one too, but it really expands on a lot of the ideas explored in the Tomb Raider reboot. More open worlds and more fun exploration makes a world of difference!

  • Okay, searching through the database and unraveling the mystery here was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed finding out what happened...

  • A 2.5D platformer with Metroidvania qualities? And it has a gorgeous hand-drawn art style? Yes please. And yes, it's damn tough.

  • Yay for more MK! Boo for the Krypt...