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I also loved the sections everyone has mentioned already, but I'm surprised no one has called ou the puzzle platform bits with the Arc Gun yet. The satellite dish section was easily one of my favorites in the game, and I found myself playing it like the originals Mirror's Edge: running as fast as possible, keeping up momentum, and mostly avoiding direct conflict. Using the arc gun to open up new routes and doors, and to activate robots to do the fighting for me. Just a great level overall.

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I was receiving no errors or conflicts with the Cloud Sync. Every time I quit or restarted, it sync'd normally with no reported errors. I think it was related to starting the game while it was "playable" but still downloading. It has been fine since re-downloading. Having a lot of fun with it, but man, did it take some shine off the apple having to replay the drop-pod mission 5-6 times because of the bug.

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**UPDATE** -- Issue has resolved after re-downloading entire game. It must have had something to do with playing it while it was still downloading the first time, so I'd renew my word of caution for anyone on PC, and even though it's technically "playable" at 44%, wait until it completely finishes d/l'ing and installing.


Hey gang, word of warning: I'm not entirely sure what caused it or if anyone else has had a similar issue, but my PC install is borked and save game data does not persist. I originally started playing the game while the download was finishing (it let's you play through the timed obstacle course section and then continue the campaign immediately in-game when the download finishes -- your tutor guy even has a percentage ticker over his head so you can track the install from within the game. I THOUGHT that was a pretty slick solution), so MAYBE that had something to do with it. But oof, OOOF.

So I played the first mission (drop pod section from the quick look), and got a little sloppy right at the start (before the Titans even show up) and died. When prompted to continue on the death screen, the whole title card / drop pod cut-scene restarted. I thought, "Well that's a little harsh, making me watch this unskippable thing again." But no big deal, I played through it again, got the first battery, and half-way to the second battery, I died again. Drop pod cutscene starts again. Uh oh. You have to be kidding me, NO CHECKPOINTS? So I play through it all AGAIN, very VERY carefully, get my Titan up and running and make it to the end of the level.

I quit back to the main menu, restarted the campaign to make sure everything was OK. It put me right where I left off, so I thought everything was fine and went to bed for the night. Fired up game this afternoon, and no option to continue campaign. Even my custom key-binds were gone. Had to completely restart from scratch. Fuck everything, BUT OK, I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS THING THROUGH SO I'LL TRY AGAIN. Training, Obstacle Course, Cut Scenes, Title Card, Drop Pod... the on my way to the first battery I notice a text pop-up saying I'd reached a Checkpoint. Ok, great. I go a little further, check the pause menu, and the option to Reload At Last Checkpoint is grayed out. UH OH. So to test it out, I run into the first group of soldiers I can find and let them kill me. Title Card / Drop Pod cutscene restarts.


So now I'm re-downloading the whole fucking 35GB game in an attempt to get a clean install. I'll update later.

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@dinosaurcanada: White sticks would look cool, but they'd probably grime up pretty quickly.

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Hey Duders,

Try messing with the custom controllers from Microsoft yet? I highly doubt I'll pony up for one, but it's still a cool offering.

Post your creations here!

I'll start it off with a couple RTD inspired designs...

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I've had this suspicion for a while. Whenever my phone (Nexus 5X) bogged down real bad I'd start flicking apps off the task list, and occasionally Force Stopping through the app menu. Facebook always seemed to yield the most improvement when I killed it. Getting rid of both apps now, and good riddance.

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Figured I'd throw this here since I haven't seen a Rockstar Editor thread yet. Just messing around with the PC tools on Day 1.

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Sent request as JACKSON COLT.

Thanks, duder!