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Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Day Two

The journey continues with Arc the Lad. This time, I've gotten up to finishing the second chapter for Kharg, which lasted about five hours...three of which where I was out of bounds from a save point. Luckily, no death yet. It's hard to die in this game. 
In today's venture, I dwell on names. What's in a name? Letters? Numbers? An obnoxious number of x's? Maybe so, but names are so much more than that. There's an art to them, a coordination that people usually abide to.  

 Guy with the wings? Keeper of the wind? Windalf.
 Guy with the wings? Keeper of the wind? Windalf.
For instance, take the name Kharg. That'd be a damn strange name for anyone that actually exists, but in a JRPG? Totally kosher and expected. Darc? Stupid, descriptive, but again, alright for the game. But then there's a Paulette, Lloyd, Banjo (who is sadly, not a bear), Ganz, and Darkham Ekid na Bard. Not a joke, that's a character's name, and all of those names are in the same game. This is such an issue for me since there's no rhyme or reason for most of these names. They're just there.  
That's not even to say I hate the names. Just the people's names. Some of the items are the best names I've seen, with my favorite being Painful Needle, used for curing silence. Why hasn't anyone come up with that sooner? So much better echo screen
Speaking of things I like, Arc the Lad has the best swing motion for all doors. Best of all, you only has to step mere inches away from said doors in order for them to automatically open. No button pressing, no running up against doors for time consuming animations, just good ol' self-sufficient slave doors. If you want a really good example of a swing, go to the game's first bar and fool with the bartender's saloon styled door. Should keep you occupied for a good ten minutes or so
Alright, it's back to the old sawmill. I need to play catch up if I want to finish by Friday.