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My Summer Challenge

Alright folks, here's the deal. I have a mess of games that have been sitting on my backlog for well over a year now, and I currently have a decent amount of time on my hands. While I have this incredible opportunity, I'm going to milk the crud out of it by not only finishing a good chunk of it, but also to review it as well. 
So here's how I'll be working: as soon as I'm done typing this blog, I'm going to boot up one of my games from my backlog list that's listed below. I'm going to finish that game within a week (an extra week will be granted as soon as employment is found for the sound, making it a two week struggle per game) and post that game within the next two days of completion. Simple for most games, but once you look at my list, you'll see that I'm working towards the impossible. 
Here's the selection of my backlog that I will be working on (in no particular order):  

And if time permits: 
In addition to this, I shall be continuing to work on my Japanese skills every day, including teaching some online classes and (hopefully) tutoring. This will be a daily thing as well with me going through sections of Japanese readings and translating them, including some video game snapshots.  
So really, I'm walking on a very thin string here in terms of time alloted. I'm very determined to get going on this goal and will be updating my blog frequently enough to make note of my progress, so keep an eye out for those. 
Time to get started!