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This is the tale of Captain Jack(i) Sparrow

I hate to write a clichéd "I'm back!" post, but I figured someone might be wondering what in the hell I've been doing for the past year due to not participating nearly as much as I use to.

I have been busy with a full work load at college for the past year in addition to working two jobs to make rent (now down to just the one again, thank goodness). I was also doing an internship at the Poughkeepsie Journal for a bit in investigative journalism, but needed to stop due to it not fitting my time, financial, or health schedule, as unfortunate as that may be. Still, I managed to get an award for helping on a solitary confinement investigation, which is pretty cool. What's even better is that as of tomorrow, I'll be done with my internship with NPR under one of their substation's bureau chiefs. Its been quite a fun internship and I hope I'll be able to continue to be just as beautifully diligent a pain in the ass to someone else in the near future ^^

Now, I'm at a loss of what to do with my time. This coming semester, I'll have only seven credits worth of classes to do since that's all I need in order to graduate. Save occupation changes, I'll be working about 35 hours a week. Other than work and class, I'll have quite a lot of free time, especially in mornings. While I will certainly put plenty of that free time towards sleeping, I am having trouble deciding what to do with the rest of it. Well...since one of the classes I'm taking is a video class, perhaps it'll be to work on that, or to study Japanese on the side, or maybe I'll start up a gaming podcast as a few of my friends have been prodding me to do since the stop of the last one I was on. We'll see.

The semester after this I have a slightly better idea of what I'll be doing. Most of the money from work will be going in my savings since I now qualify for aid, and so I'll be looking for a better place to live. Not that I don't like the town that I live in, but I have other plans in mind. That, and I'd rather not live in a communal home post graduation. Hopefully, I can at least find a paying internship that's in my field of interests.

Game wise, this summer hasn't been spectacular for me as I've succumbed to the social game demon. Don't worry too much about that as I'm currently weaning myself off of that, though i hate to say it, i think I'm opening another can of worms by getting into anime for the first time since middle school.

Downfalls aside, I did finally get around to beating Earthbound and opening up Devil Summoner 2 (the plushie inside the collector's box isn't nearly as soft as I had imagined it to be). I've also finally introduced myself to Fallout 3, about a decade after everyone else has beaten it. It's quite lovely so far, so I'm looking forward to exploring more of the wasteland and going through it a second time just so that I can blow up Megaton without remorse. I'm sure I'm not the only person to restart it for this reason alone.

I'll probably be on here more often than I have been this year, but don't expect a lot of blog posts from me unless a meteorite falls on a nearby summit or some otherwise bizarre incident occurs. Here's to another good year, but with more of you guys! カンパイ