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My Favorite Characters

List of the most awesome characters in video game history.

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  • <3

  • YES SIR!

  • Can't say anything about him as a video game character, but he is one of my favorite cartoon characters as a kid.

  • Such a badass monk.

  • It's all in the name.

  • He was considerate enough to come back to the past and to go out with such style and grace. Buzz Buzz, RIP.

  • Despite how despicable Pokey can be, there's no denying how humorous and cute his antics are.

  • This guy is clearly dedicated to his badguy job. He got a fucking string attached to his ass and head just so he can launch arrows! I don't know if that's genius or lunacy.

  • Action HOOOOOOO!

  • ...well, he has his own tower. That's always a good sign of financial stability.

  • Great appetite!

  • Mostly adding Mallow for his gullibility. Really, he thought he was biologically related to a frog?

  • He's a doll that can shoot beams. A doll. How many of your fucking dolls save the universe?

  • This is the only way the sun would look cute instead of intensely painful.

  • Pioneering the way for all female villains.

  • The one and only character to play in L4D.

  • I'll take that and hold it like his hair gel holds his hair.

  • With the exception of perhaps Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, there is no other villain that can outdo the Joker in both passion and style.

  • This rich hero is probably the only person on the face of the planet that can get away with dressing up in tights and beating up people while still maintaining his dignity. Now that I think about it, I should probably hate him for that.

  • The elderly just get no respect and deserve some recognition. Whippersnappers today....

  • A psychopathic rabbit thingy who solves crimes for a living. What's not to like about that?

  • A hot head who doesn't take crap from anyone. Nuts and Bolts? She will bust them.

  • He's a boy after my own heart. Save the world with a baseball bat and a couple of kids from all over the place while going all over the place.

  • The best friend you always wish you never met.

  • Threeeeeeeeeeeeepwood!

  • To be honest, I just find the damn thing cute as hell. Totally useless, but probably soft and cuddly.

  • Burger King makes the best tasting chicken sandwich, so it's almost natural that I have affection for the Burger King. Almost.

  • Despite all his cursing...wait, despite? Isn't that the reason he's likable? Fuck.

  • I understand that most people don't seem to like her. Don't care! Not one of those people.

  • Michelangelo is the funkiest turtle named after a dead painter. Ever. His laid back style easily makes him the most likable character in the Ninja Turtles series.

  • He shall roll through the gates of hell.

  • What sort of octopus goes to an opera? Ultros, that's who.

  • His make-up, cackle, and disregard for humanity makes Kefka the best villain video games can find.

  • Absolutely the bat craziest good guy of all time. He destroys the universe on a drunken rampage; what is up with that?

  • His honor always has something interesting to say, though is more fickle than a judge ought to be. His hilarious outbursts keep the series moving along just swimmingly.

  • Godot is an intriguing character. How does he manage to drink that much coffee and not need bathroom breaks? Where does he get all those mugs? Why isn't there a single coffee stain on his suit? The world may never know.

  • Save for the Tales games, Threepwood is the most entertaining protagonist in all of gamehood.

  • He's cute and makes fire!

  • He's a cute badass!

  • It's his voice. I love his voice!

  • He has no fear moving from racing games to games covered in poo. That's respect.

  • No doubt, Quina is a pretty useless character for combat. That aside, his/her habits are entertaining.

  • I shall not forget the sound of his clanking armor as he jogs around.


  • His's so sad. How can that not touch the heart?

  • Shiva always has the most badass powers and hair. Jealous :(

  • She was emo before it was considered uncool and before it was considered cool. That's cool.

  • "Hi, I'm trying to kick some murderous ass while keeping my nephew and daughter safe. All these murders need some booze to make it easier to swallow..."


  • Have brain, will travel.

  • Teddie!

  • Steak and trial by dragon.

  • This is one of the oddest characters I've encountered in a video game. It'd be shameful to go through P3 without doing her Take Me on a Tour quests. They're the best parts in the game.

  • I realize the guy can be long, drawn out, and boring at times, but the fact that he can get away with giving students mystery concoctions, that's gold.

  • "Hi, I play MMOs with students."

  • He's nothing exciting or interesting if you just buy goods from him. You need to socialize with him in Persona 3 in order to get the full effect of his character.

  • "Umm...'ello"

  • Mysteriously bibbed fox.


    By the way, love how he'd go berserk when you reset the game, but didn't care if you kept changing the seasons. I'd figure that would be more annoying.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I've always felt that his taunt was the biggest "fuck you!" taunt in the game. "I RING MY BELL AND ON YO ASS YOU FELL"

  • He never complains about anything.

  • He has no shame. I love it!

  • He's got nothing to hide with his opinions. It's all good...well, evil.

  • If nothing else, he had the best theme song in the game.

  • He does the things that the bombermans can!

  • His art is beautiful. The bull, not so much.

  • Multitalented is multibeneficial.

  • Who doesn't like foreign/international students?

  • That name is ridiculous. Who the hell names their kid Kip?

  • Mr. Francis York Morgan,

    You have the most beautiful rapist smile

    Please keep it on for awhile

    So says Mr. Stewart.

  • What's not to like about Garrus?

  • Very rowdy character that I'd probably despise in any current J-RPG today. Oh well.