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Sequel/Remake Worthy Games

You know they're out there. You love a game to death, and only want more, but it's never going to give you more. Come on and be nice to us and sequel or remake these up!

List items

  • Robots. Baseball. Fighting. What more of a concept do you need to make a game gold? None, that's what.

  • Afrika might be interesting when it comes out, but nothing beats the snapping of a bunch of random pokemon. Gotta picture them all!

  • Very appealing and good gameplay. However, for my tastes, the game was too short and requires more for me. Gimme gimme!

  • I was a child that continually competed with my family both on a gaming and intellectual level. This game still holds up well today in both respects. GeoSafari focused on three areas: Geography, History, and Science. You could do battle in subsects of any of the areas such as in Battles and Armaments, Inventions, Famous Writers, the Anatomy of a Bee, locating countries of each Continent, Famous Landmarks, and many, many more things. There was even a quiz mode where you could do all bits of Geography or the other two areas, and even the Super Geo Challenge which picked from all areas and quizzed a certain set of questions. You might be asking yourself how I could possibly enjoy this game at such a young age, seeing as all these subjects seem incredibly hard by even a graduate student's standards, not to mention that this only sounds like it could be enjoyed with other people to play with. GeoSafari is rather accommodative for anyone. You can get quizzed in a solo mode where points go down for every incorrect answer inputted, and there's reference material to study from in the game in case you're tired of hearing, "Ooo, wrong answer." I also enjoyed the animations and quizzer's voice, especially when he said either my name or a nick name I selected from the surprisingly large assortment of names, though the only one I can recall right now is Whizzkid. The only serious drawback to this game can be found if you have an anger problem. If you are not good in some subjects and are trying to master them to get yourself a trophy, you are going to get questions wrong quite a bit. Cool your jets, man. You'll eventually get it.

  • I realize that the Paper Mario games are generally accepted as the sequels to this title. However, I just can't accept that. This game developed many characters that still have potential for future games, such as Geno, Mallow, Booster, or even someone like Frogfucious. It's a shame that their legacy is cut short and be only experienced at the privileged few that were alive during the SNES era. Not only that, but there is a distinct difference between the Peach and Mario in Super Mario RPG as opposed to the ones in any of the Paper Mario games, or practically any game that came after this one. This Mario was stoic, silent. Any character that he had was made internally by the player. And Peach, although she was still in distress at the beginning half of the game, eventually became useful as an equal player, doing as much as physically harming other enemies with a frying pan to the cranium, not something incredibly wimpy like making baked goods and flirting with computers. This game has no serious counterpart and deserves an equally well made sequel.

  • It's hard to find a decent game nowadays that let's you blaze into the air with pretty much just your body and still have a good time. Pilotwing is a classic that should be revitalized to today's crash-happy youth.