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Things I Hate

Hate, hate, hate.

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  • Like clockwork, bees are all up in my business as soon at the weather is good. They be like all, "Hey, lady, let me inside your house so I can touch you with my stinger," or, "Yo, chicka! Your hair be super sweet, yo. Let me harvest some of that honey, bunny."


  • Just not feeling it, yo.

  • Simon needs a punch in the face.

  • Platforms, especially in 3D platformers, are a major pain. The moving ones are hell on Earth...err, air.

  • I know, I know. It's fake, the demographic appeal is to guys, and there are boobs. To those that like it, awesome. To me, sexualized women just makes a game super uncomfortable, and gives me reluctance to play.

    Less boobs, more dudes.

  • These were pretty cool the first time I used them, but now they're just a nuisance. Changing discs completely disconnects the player from the game experience.

  • "What are we going to fill in this to make it seem like a game?"

    "How about a whole bunch of meaningless tasks that'll bore our audience to tears?"


  • I'm a bunny hopper, so this is always a big downer for me. Let there be air!