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Wikipages that I've written a good chunk of

Most of the time, I end up adding technical information, editing entries for grammar, or adding interesting new pages. These are the few that I've actually written stuff for.

List items

  • After going through the Chibi-Robo! franchise task, I stumbled upon a small bit of information on Wikipedia concerning Kenichi Nishi. After realizing how many amazing games this guy has touched, I realized that he needed a proper GB page to show his accomplishments.

  • Went through this mostly just on childhood memories. Gotta love the memory bank.

  • The amount of researching on this was awesomely spent.

  • Also noting that this is the first game that I needed to translate bits on in order to write about.

  • Had to go through the Japanese site in order to get most of the information I found. Realized that it had pretty much nothing on it, and only a few weeks til it was released. I was curious, and so I researched it.

  • Not my favorite game in the world, but it needed information.

  • I think I'm the only person to have contributed to this entire series's pages. I still feel it has a pretty good storyline going for it.

  • Wikitask. This was pulling teeth.

  • Wikitask. Was very hard to find information very much information on it, but it was found.

  • From a wikitask

  • Nothing to brag about, but there's basic information on this MMO now.

  • Still needs more detail, but it's pretty decent.

  • Need to go back to this and edit it sometime. Sounds too much like a guide.

  • I spent more time on uploading images than anything else, but excluding the section on the story, I helped out on the writing, too.

  • I wrote most of this about two days after I finished playing through it. The games made by Kairosoft are so damn addicting, so I unfortunately needed to share the addictiveness.