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JRPG in the Rough 0

 The Playstation 2 is no stranger to RPGs, with the system's library being filled with generic turn-based, save the world adventures. Look at one of them, and you've practically have seen them all. And while Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits doesn't completely shy away from the classic JRPG formula, the small differences makes it a refreshing experience.     Kharg and Deimos, readying their party faces As already alluded to, the story is based around saving the world, but is told through ...

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Why Dogs Can’t Dog Talk 0

Imagine an Island full of charming, huge noggined dogs, adorably donning clothing ranging from top hats and ties, to plaid bags and pilot goggles, to pink camouflage 10 gallon hats and monocles, scattered around in places ranging from snowy villages to dry valleys, and then one opens its trap to say, “Have you ever touched a fish? I do love fish!” and the illusion of innocence is shattered. This is the nature of Ubisoft’s Dog Island, a game based upon THE DOG Artist Collection, a company that cr...

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Bunch of Fat Quacks 2

Grandma just needs her medicine. The Life of D. Duck II has a unique style that is reminiscent of a disturbed five year old’s fantasy of Donald Duck. Such insanity includes young, mentally challenged ducks that are always on the verge of getting themselves killed, a hand cramping mini-game dubbed Miruts Yifter’s Mini Cooper Test, and rotund ducks with razor sharp teeth and an aptitude for health awareness. Seriously, every other line of dialogue or description is an allusion to staying healthy, ...

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