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Games I played in 2016

Here is this year's list.

I finally finished FF13 this year. What a thing to finally have behind you.

List items

  • PC version. Already played the original but it was worth playing again.

  • 2015. Not very engaging so far, difficulty, mechanics or aesthetics-wise. You can have a silly dog with you at all times though, that's pretty great.

  • 2015. A very pretty game and a bit more demanding than the average platformer. Aside from me having problems following enemy attacks and bloom explosions confusing me, I'd call it a flawless experience.

  • Without anyone to play it with, it's going to be quite a while before I get my money's worth out of it. Looking forward to some characters though.

  • It's pretty fun to poke around, it might take me forever to finish though.

  • Took some getting used to but was pretty fun to play, even just against the computer. Characters feel defferent enough that I feel like the system has room to grow. Already hoping it does well enough so that we'll se a sequel with more Pokemon in it.

  • 3DS version, but mostly just the WiiU version with the extra characters added. Still fun but also terrible.

  • 2013. A pretty charming thing, and while it doesn't control wonderfully at all times you can mostly manage. I do like trying to be as efficient as possible.

  • A kind of pretty game with a grounded, then not so much, story. I enjoyed most of it.

  • It wasn't really my speed, being a ghost story, and it was a bit taxing to get through, making choices quickly and having to live with the consequences, but it was an engaging experience at least.

  • A weird looking, weird sounding, beautiful game. Though it's mostly just exploration and combat it has got loads of interesting scenery and the combat is satisfying. Even more so than Dark Souls I lost the thread to what was going on in the "story" but it didn't matter. Good game!

  • Fun to explore, with wide paths, if linear to the point where planning your route through the game isn't as much of a thing anymore. Still a great entry in the series.

  • Been a long time since I've played an online shooter. You win some you lose some, but it's fun. Trying new characters every so often keeps my interest alive. Looking forward to whatever they'll add to it too.

  • Being a weird mix of remake/reboot/movie tie-in doesn't help this game, but it's still pretty good & simple fun. It's been too long since I played "a Crack in Time" for me to say how it compares to that, though I feel like it was probably a stronger entry in the series.

  • I wanted to like this game, but only managed to find a few things that I actually did like. In the end it was a mostly frustrating experience. The basic flight controls have some promise and feel good. But any time you have to make tight turns or really just deal with any of the drawbacks of flying a plane, it annoyed me. Constantly losing track of what the default position was for aiming with the gamepad, as well as any time you had to rely on the cockpit view for shooting, something I never got used to, compounded my frustrations until what joy I got out of the game was sapped away. I wanted to say that I liked the characters at least, because there is potential there, but they, along with any real sense of plot, were barely a factor and what was there was so thin and cliche and rote and dumb that I don't want to even think about it any further. Some parts of making this formula a compelling one today I can understand them struggling with, some other parts were way harder to forgive.

  • 2011,2014(PC). It's a videogame that's as ridiculous and poorly written as your average Kingdom Hearts. Playing it is kinda fun though. Definetly a step up from the original FF13.

  • A good but flawed game, Well executed "Mega man formula" story that I liked a bunch. Some very annoying level design occasionally.

  • Very pretty, well controlling, good sounding, well animated game that's immeasurably thick with atmosphere. Not very long or difficult, but still a cool journey consisting of memorable moment after moment.

  • Going back to more of a aimless approch after MH4U is kind of weird. It has a lot of good changes to systems and weapons but still doesn't feel all the way like a superior game. Still OK and I'll surely spend a bunch of time playing it.

  • It still does scale very satisfyingly, and it's bigger overall compared to Grow Home. But whether it's because I played a lot of Grow Home or that you simply get upgrades that are better, faster in this game it is kind of missing a bit of that climbing magic that the first game had, which I found so inspiring. It's still very fun to play.

  • Easy to compare to Journey. Doesn't have the impact due to timing and lack of multiplayer, but otherwise good at doing similar things. Nice motion, nice environments, nice music. Good vibes.

  • 2014. Collectin' some Mega Stones. Gettin' some Legendaries.

  • Initially wished it would hold my hand less and let me go on my solitary journey of defeating evil with my pokemon. But eventually I started to enjoy it, even with small breaks for story every so often. I never thought it would happen, but they actually managed to make some pretty enjoyable Boss battles as well. The rest of the quality of life changes are good and welcome, but not extraordinary.

  • Simple and brilliant co-op game.

  • A bit of a "style over substance" game, but the style it has takes it pretty far, both when it comes to animation and music. The story is very simple and didn't have any revelations that I couldn't piece together immediately. I was a little disappointed that all the cool extra dance moves you could pull off didn't seem to have any purpose. That it seems to try its hand at more complex mechanics occasionally without them feeling satisfying was maybe my biggest issue with it. Not a bad experience, but not a great one either.

  • An Ico and SotC game through and through. Games might have changed but I'm fine with these games continuing their own little niche path. Now I still didn't completely love the game, and I'm thinking that it might be because "I" have changed since those other games came out. Finnicky controls, mechanics and the occasional bug didn't stop me from enjoying the majority of it though, and I still really enjoy the atmosphere and storytelling as much as I ever did. I'd say that at least it fulfilled my expectations for a modern version of one of these games more than adequately.

  • 2015. Fun puzzle platformer game that's not too difficult.

  • Has a good middle, a shakey start and poor ending. Feels unfinished, but what's there is interesting. Bit of a shame.